Why Do We Have to Keep Putting Up With Unfinished and Broken Games?


There is more money in the gaming industry than ever before, so why do game developers insist on releasing unfinished and broken games?

Mass Effect: Andromeda, a game millions of people have been waiting for. The fourth instalment in one of the best series of games is due for release in the UK in a couple of days and is already out in North America. However, people who have already played the game and people who have trialled the game through EA Access are reporting hilarious and bizarre animations as well as game breaking bugs, which aren’t so funny. Now, I expect these problems will be fixed with a patch at some point and there has already been a patch released that has fixed a few problems but still, the game remains a mess with many users reporting issues. This is unacceptable. How can a game that is rumoured to cost around $40 million, be released broken upon release? Only in this industry can a final end product be released to the masses, (many of whom might have pre-ordered this) for it to be unfinished and to some unenjoyable and even worse, unplayable. How can developers get away with asking us, the hard-working public, to part with our hard-earned cash and pre-order a game that they know isn’t up to the required standard.

This doesn’t just apply to Mass Effect: Andromeda. Nowadays there is a constant stream of games being released unfinished. Games such as Batman: Arkham Knight on the PC, with its awful frame rate issues that led to the game being pulled with rumours that the publishers actually knew of the fault itself. Assassin’s Creed Unity was plagued again with frame rate issues and those weird character bugs that led to characters faces sometimes not rendering properly and leaving a horrifying, floating pair of eyeballs. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim had its fair share of problems on the PS3 too. The cache quickly filling up rendering the game unplayable. Not to mention those weird backwards flying dragons. This seems to be coming quite a common problem. Quickly release the game and patch it later.

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When it comes to these big AAA games, we as customers are fed with nothing but hype. We get teaser trailers years before games are released, live action trailers that are in no way representative of the final game and constant promotional videos of how good a game is going to be, all asking us to pre-order. Now, we all know what happened with Sean Murray and the whole No Man’s Sky fiasco. For someone to peddle us videos and trailers of the No Man’s Sky that he promised us, was in no way the same game we got.

I am not saying that game developers do this all knowingly. Sometimes developers don’t find out about these bugs until the game hits the shelves. I get that, but in the modern-day world of gaming, with budgets for games sometimes hitting the hundreds of millions, developers really need to take a long hard look at themselves before asking us to pre-order a game and then release it unfinished. We as customers should not have to put up with broken games on the day of release after a developer has hyped us up and got us really excited. It simply isn’t fair and we as a gaming community have to start standing up to this. Developers can’t keep getting away with just patching the game later on. Just delay it until the game is finished and god damn ready!

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