Category: PC Reviews

Heroes of Newerth – PC Review

While the online community and learning curve are horrendously unforgiving, HoN is still pristine example of competitive multiplayer gaming that keeps you coming back for more.

LEGO Universe – PC Review

Arguably one of the greatest toys ever makes an interesting leap into the realm of the massively multiplayer online game. Does it make that transition well though?

The Ball – PC Review

We really do applaud new ideas, and seeing indie game developers make it into the big wide world of commercial gaming is a true joy.

Fortis – PC Review

A charming adaptation of the classic, Asteroids, Fortis looks appealing and feels initially fun but is lacking in variation in its levels, enemies, upgrade system - well, everything really!

Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition Review

Blood Bowl returns for a decent if not mind-blowing second helping, offering enhanced customization, rich visuals and immersive competitive gameplay, but nothing essentially new or exciting.
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