Yakuza vs Zombie

In what can only be described as one of the coolest spin offs of all time, Yakuza: Of the End will introduce zombies into the otherwise relatively realistic world of SEGA’s long running Yakuza series.

Although the open world core mechanics will remain, some changes have inevitably been made – for one, girls at the hostess bars will now wield shotguns. Makes sense I suppose. Oh, there is also the more prevalent issue of Yakuza: Of the End edging away from the brawling that the series is famous for with a new emphasis on third person shooting.

The gameplay actually looks like a potentially more serious take on Dead Rising although the four character pose at the end of the trailer does have a definite Left 4 Dead vibe to it.

Either way, with Kazuma and co rocking everything from M16’s to sniper rifles and Yakuza 2 antagonist Ryuji Goda showing up with up with a freakin’ gun for an arm, expect Yakuza: Of the End to be nothing if not wildly entertaining.

With Yakuza 4 still no where to be seen on western shores, it’ll be interesting to see if SEGA put a priority on getting the more potentially western friendly Of the End over here first.

As far as I’m concerned, the more Yakuza, the better – I just hope they both get a western release sooner rather than later.

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