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Worms Revolution

Worms Revolution is the latest instalment of the well-known Worms franchise and you should get ready to have a worms war with loads of fun, new and old weapons. Worms Revolution has again been developed by the well-known Team 17. Gameplay follows the traditional style of the Worms series and has you use a huge array of weapons and strategy to eliminate the opposing teams of worms. The franchise has had a huge overhaul and although it does maintain the same foundations that we are used to, you can expect a whole new experience in Worms Revolution.

The first thing you are faced with when you begin the game is the main menu, here you will see a few options likesingle player game, multiplayer, verses and a few other options like showing a list of achievements you can aim for as you play. The main single player game has a great campaign to play through. The first task that you have to play through until you get to the game we all know and love is the training missions. These are crucial because, as I have said before, this new version of Worms has all the basic fundamentals we know, but it also has a whole load of new stuff. As you play through the training missions you are taught the basics of how to do stuff like place dynamite and blow worms up, as well as the usual stuff like using air strikes etc.  Yes, I can hear you all shouting that we know about that stuff, so let’s talk a bit about the new exciting things that Worms Revolution has to offer.

Unlike other Worms game where each worm is the same and there are no differences between them, this time round we have four different types of worm, all with completely different abilities. The worms available are: Soldier, Scout, Scientist and Heavy. Soldiers are all-rounder‘s and are pretty much what we are accustomed to. Scouts are able to move faster and jump higher than other worms before making that all important attack move. This is handy if you want to rush to the other side of the map to prod that enemy worm off a cliff. Scientists can produce better weapons and equipment and award other worms stuff like healing them when their turn comes. Lastly we have the Heavy worm. This worm is very slow at moving, but is like a tank. They are the most powerful worm and deal out the most damage. As you can see, each worm has its good and bad points. Having these different types of worm helps towards a whole new style of game strategy.

Another feature to point out is that the game has what they call a dynamic landscape. By this, I mean that for example you have water that acts like it should this time round. For example, you can blow a hole in the landscape and actually drain the water onto that unsuspecting worm. This causes the worm to drown slowly as the game progresses. You can also have huge petrol cans lying around that, if shot, explode and the petrol inside runs out like it would in real life. There are far too many new features to mention here. The best way to find out is to buy the game and see for yourself. Before I forget, there is, of course, the multiplayer side to the game where you can play against your mate or let the game randomly choose you a player you don’t know anywhere in the world. I did play a few matches this way and they were extremely fun. It’s hard for me to find any bad points to this new version. It’s almost perfect, the only slightly minus points would be the controls are at first a bit fiddly, but once you get used to them you will start to enjoy yourself very much.

Worms Revolution

Worms Revolution has had a major facelift and has some great graphics and all the usual sounds of worms exploding that we all love. I am a huge fan of the Worms franchise. I have been playing Worms since my Commodore Amiga days. I know however that as each new Worms game come out they are pretty much always the same and only ever seem to give you a few more new weapons at your disposal. This has made for a few pretty average versions.

I have to say though, this time round Team 17 have pulled together and have successfully redesigned the whole gameplay experience. This game is fantastic and I will defiantly be playing it for a very long time. It’s got that great ability to pick up and have a quick match on your lunch break. So run out right now and buy Worms Revolution. You will find it on Steam for a very reasonable price.


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