Doodle Jump Adventures Review‏

Doodle Jump Adventures Review‏

“I have Doodle Jump. It’s on my phone. I got it for free”. This I can imagine would be the response from many a gamer posed with the option to purchase Doodle Jump Adventures on the 3DS.

Yes, it’s a more rounded and fully realised product on the Nintendo handheld, but when you’ve already got the core experience for free, it’s hard to justify paying a premium for what amounts to little more than an arguably improved structure.

And it is arguable as, while there is unquestionably more content here, part of Doodle Jump’s undeniable charm comes from its pure simplicity. With its outrageously basic mechanics, namely moving left to right while taking aim at the occasional enemy, Doodle Jump is the very definition of toilet gaming. It’s not the kind of game I ever wanted to spend more than 5 minutes on – I start when I sit down and I’m more than happy to stop when I get back up.

Doodle Jump Adventures hasn’t really changed that opinion, but in fairness, developer Avanquest Software has made a decent stab of turning this most basic of premises into a fully featured video game. Whether it is befitting a full retail release is certainly up to debate (I would say no), but judged upon its own merits, this is nonetheless and enjoyable and highly addictive experience.

As always, your doodle thing…..whatever it is, jumps automatically, with the 3DS’ gyroscope used to tilt the little monster onto platforms and to avoid obstacles. Enemies are once again present and can once again be dispatched via your snout gun (please note – ‘snout gun’ might not be the official name) – on a fundamental level, the mechanics as simple as ever. The change comes in the form of the content surrounding said mechanics.

Doodle Jump Adventures Review‏

Unlike the mobile versions infinite level (also available here), Doodle Jump Adventures is broken up into forty different levels across four unique worlds. These not only have a defined end, but also encourage repeated play via collectibles and a star based rating system.

Outside of the usual enemies littered around each stage, there are also boss battles that at least attempt to take the game out of its comfort zone. Wisely, none of these additions encroach upon the perfectly pitched core mechanics, but for those looking for a more expanded experience from the jumping doodle, this package certainly does deliver.

It might be hard to justify its existence when you can pick up the core experience for free on your phone, and whether the Doodle Jump template suits this expanded structure is certainly open for debate, but judged as its own release and upon its own merits, Doodle Jump Adventures represents a highly enjoyable if overly expensive experience.

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