Switch Galaxy Ultra Review

Switch Galaxy Ultra Review

Sony and PlayStation really seem to be really trying to give indie titles life outside of steam. Switch Galaxy Ultra tests your reflexes to the max but doesn’t deliver on much else.

The first thing Switch Galaxy Ultra does wrong is the story in general. It uses comic strips to tell the story, that’s fine with me. What isn’t fine however is waiting for the screen to load every time one page has finished. This slows the experience down massively and it takes ages to take it all in. The story isn’t ground breaking stuff either, it’s one of those clique get rich or die trying stories. There is an option to skip this and I highly recommend you do so.

As you progress through the story you will soon learn that it’s nothing but a massive grind and the upgrade system is poor. You need to collect something called “Tantalum” you collect this throughout the levels you go through but that’s not the problem. The problem is, if you hit barriers you lose Tantalum. This is extremely annoying in the later stages of the game as avoiding these becomes frustratingly difficult. At the end of each stage you get the chance to upgrade your ship, change paint job, make it faster or be able to take more damage by increasing your shields.

You unlock levels in a very Super Mario kind of style. Completing a level opens up the path to the next. You often need a requirement also to progress on with the story so if you haven’t managed to achieve it you need to go back and do so. This is pretty boring considering the levels have you doing the same thing over and over again.

Switch Galaxy Ultra Review

If you manage to make multiple mistakes your characters have an exchange of words. This can be funny the first time you hear it, but when it’s the Eighth time in one stage you tire of the constant so-called “banter”. The voices match the reflecting character well and for an indie game the voice acting is spot on.

You have a choice of two controls to control your ship. You can use the traditional left and right mechanic or the L1 and R1 buttons to go left and right. The controls however, feel really sensitive and you will often find you’re going too far in one direction when not intended. This can be extremely frustrating when it knocks you into a barrier. Each level lasts for around 3 minutes so you shouldn’t find yourself thinking “when will this end” too much.

The survival mode is what you would expect. As an endless level goes on it gets more and more challenging. You are rewarded with credits to spend in your story mode so doing these survival runs is necessary, not to say these aren’t fun because they are and they get really hectic pretty quickly, testing your reflexes to the max.

The graphics are the best thing about this game without a doubt. With the game running at a smooth 60 fps and in 1080p it looks gorgeous. Each ship’s attention to detail is impressive, different skins are available too, if you’re not happy with your ships current look. Space has never looked so real and Switch Galaxy Ultra does a great job of showing off a vast universe with multiple levels, always keeping up with no slowdown encountered at all. This is mighty impressive considering how fast you go once you have a full boost (very fast).

The main character Vince tries to the loveable and fun “not a care in the world guy”. He does pull this off, but at some stages you think he should be taking what he’s doing a little more seriously, especially when money is at stake or his life.

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Switch Galaxy Ultra is a game that tries to mimic the success of the wipeout series, adding to it a story and levelling up system. This is executed poorly however and it could have been so much better. Still, there is still a fun time to be had with Switch Galaxy Ultra in short bursts and especially for those who are fans of the fast paced, reflex testing racers.

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