I Expect You To Die Review

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I Expect You To Die - PlayStation VR Review

Ever dreamed of being James Bond, but if James Bond had to have around 20 attempts at every little thing he did as he constantly died. Well, you’re in luck! I Expect You to Die, which is the name of the game and not just some embedded hate message, puts you in the position of a spy who is given a range of missions; each of which putting you in the line of death, that’s where the title comes from. You aren’t expected to do all the missions on the first try, but if you do you should work for MI6, so you are expected to try and try again until you get a technique that will get you through the mission alive; sort of like the film Edge of Tomorrow for those who have seen it.

The story, as mentioned above, consists of missions to make you beat the villains and save the world. But the story progresses the deeper you go, as you uncover more of the baddie’s secrets to destroy humanity. Each mission is unique and fun in its own right, and each mission will cause you to die a shed load of times too; so you’ll get lots of play time before you exhaust all missions. One problem I found was that if you die from poisonous gas, which takes a bloody long time, there is no option to restart the mission easily as far as I found; this means you have to wait time after time of death scene which some may find frustrating.

I Expect You To Die - PlayStation VR Review

The gameplay is perfect for this type of VR game, you get full control with regards to chucking anything you want around; and as you are expected to die, you’re allowed to experiment with what item works where for example. I found this to be a fun and embedded way of making the game longer. You are also given a telekinesis power which solves the issue going out of the ‘play zone’ which so many games VR suffer from, I was very happy with this as games that freeze or stop due really grind my gears.

You also have little side missions/achievements that beef out the game even more, this allows you to get little items in your office every time you have a break between missions. The music in the game does make it seem like very old-fashioned films, as well as each setting you are put in; the first mission being in a car that is about to fall out of a plane, which introduces the time constraint of avoiding falling to your death.

I Expect You To Die - PlayStation VR Review

Overall, I think I Expect You to Die is a fun way to have some challenges on your own, or for you and your friends to compete on how not to die. The visuals are lovely and the gameplay is entertaining, a very good immersive VR experience in my opinion; well, as immersive as falling out of a plane in a car can get. I’d say get this game if you enjoy fun, and double if you have people who come over every so often; as this works as a great group game too!


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