YamaYama Review

YamaYama Review

YamaYama is weird, it’s what I imagine I’d see if I did multiple hits of LSD and watched the Cartoon Network. With surreal creepy backgrounds and animations that sit right on the line that separates terrifying and hilarious; it’s definitely different and unique. The game seems to have no connection to real life with its looks as its just abnormal and prone to looking outright disturbing; something different indeed. YamaYama is a party game that revolves around a FatSuit mechanic where the characters can puff up and push their opponents around and when I say it revolves around the FatSuit I really mean it.

The game boasts 23 game modes where you can either play with 3 other people or if you wish can face off against 1-3 Monkey AI bots. The game modes themselves follow in the same wackiness of the art style with modes like catching a falling pig, swimming away from a huge creature’s mouth while TNT barrels floating down river, and many other freaky and unnerving but hilarious modes. As stated before the way the characters interact is by pushing each other with the puffing up FatSuit which can bounce them into lava or even a portal to the other side of the map. These game modes have really unique concepts but the execution is very bad as no matter the mode you’re still doing the same old stuff; pushing opponents with your FatSuit, understandable but not at all as amusing as the concept.

YamaYama Review

With 23 modes I thought it would feature a lot of content but after playing for an hour the game became very tedious with the same mechanic running through all the different modes just feels like the same thing over and over again in different maps. This is unfortunately true but as a party game it succeeds in being fun for an hour at a time before getting boring and that’s fine since no one really wants to play a party game all day. With that though the game lacks replayability though after two or more sessions the game just feels empty and without substance and feels as though I’m just repeating the same things over and over and that’s not what you should feel with a game of this genre.

Art wise this game takes the cake, it literally is insane with characters that can confuse and bedazzle at the same time. From a weird pink horse dog and an old man dressed as chicken and named Susan, not something you see every day. The art style is the main thing the game has going for it with such finely crafted but weird animations it really does do something that’s worth seeing. The music too follows the same goofiness and perfectly complements the crazy art style of the game, although it’s not something I’d listen to separately.

YamaYama Review

Yamayama feels like a game that was made by artists that just wanted to make something that looked wacky and crazy, it really lacks substance. This disappointingly is very obvious as the game just has one mechanic that is reused throughout all the mini games which really gets boring really fast.

Overall if I had to recommend a party game Yamayama would not be it and I’d actually steer them away from this as it’s not worth the money nor the time to actually play, and to be fairly honest it’s just not fun and just bland. So if you’re looking for a good party game I’d suggest Use Your Words or The Jack Box Party games which are way better.

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