SteelSeries Sensei 310 Review

The SteelSeries Sensei is well known by gamers all over the world for its great quality and performance. Being one of the most popular gaming mice in history SteelSeries have now revamped and redeveloped the original for the new SteelSeries Sensei 310.
Its finally hit the shelves with its one of a kind advanced sensor that you will not find anywhere else! Despite the high expectations after the Sensei 300, SteelSeries have not disappointed us. With a whole new makeover the Sensei 310 stays affordable at around £59.99 ($59.99 in the US).
The new silicone grip has replaced the old rubber sides giving it an even better feel. With as many curves as Beyonce the Sensei 310 sits perfectly in your palm, and works well with any gamer who uses a claw or finger-tip grip. And weighing only 92g it’s now easier to sweep across your mouse mat. It measures around 12.5cm by 7cm which is perfect, even for people with tiny hands like myself.
Featuring a 2 metre cord its perfect for gamers who plug it directly in to the PC. if you’re like myself and have USB ports in your keyboard, this means you have a messy untidy wire getting tangled around your desk. While the cord isn’t braided, for me it works perfectly as this makes it more flexible. Although I can see why a lot of gamers would be disappointed with this as it feels cheap, and most competing professional-grade gaming mouses in the same price range feature this.
I recommended you download the SteelSeries Engine, as this means you can configure all of the buttons to your preference. The Sensei 310 has more buttons than the previous model, with them now having two on both the left and right side. The button below the mouse wheel lets you change between CPI so you can switch back and forth. It comes preset at 800 and 1600, but this can be customised in the app from anything between 100 and 12000 (one-to-one tracking works up to 3,500). This makes it perfect for every player, and suitable any game type. The Sensei 310 also features Prism RGB illumination, there is two lights. One is around the mouse wheel, and the other is on the SteelSeries logo towards the rear of the mouse. There are a wide range of effects from colorshift, steady and reactive. And with 16.8 million colours to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect setup for you. Also featuring on-board memory, you can take your Sensei 310 anywhere and your configuration will still work.
With Omron switches, your Sensei 310 will be able to handle 50 million clicks. I found them very responsive and perfect for a tense gaming session, and with the slight raise towards the middle, I didn’t find myself accidentally clicking the wrong buttons. Competitors claim to deliver the same insane levels of sensitivity, but the Sensei 310 features TrueMove 3 which includes advanced jitter reduction (3500-12000 CPI) and true one-to-one tracking (100-3500 CPI). Meaning the Sensei 310 can accurately track your movements up to 350 inches per second! Although this might not be the highest on the market, it is claimed to be the most accurate.
To see how the mouse worked in game, I played Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, Tom Clancy’s The Division and Dota 2. The scroll was smooth, I didn’t find myself accidentally clicking the wrong buttons, and the Omron switches were very reactive. While playing i tried to play as bizarre as possible to test jitter reduction, and also tested the one-to-one tracking. After hours of gameplay and use I find the Sensei 310 amazing. During long hours I never felt my hands slipping off the grip, and for someone who suffers from clammy hands I expected it. The mouse glided so smoothly, the sensor was very accurate even with the most erratic movements, and the mouse responded one-to-one. I found myself making better plays than I would with my previous mouse, and I will definitely be using the Sensei 310 from here onwards.
My final conclusion is the Sensei 310 is an excellent mouse, and has definitely surpassed my expectations. It comes with fool proof software and plenty of great customisations. It fits perfectly in my palm, the silicone grip works amazingly, and it is so easy to glide around the mouse mat. The sensor is definitely the best i’ve ever used, I also found it more accurate which is definitely important for any gamer. The only complaint I have is that my desk now looks very untidy with this wire tangled everywhere. I personally would prefer it wireless, but i understand by doing this it might impact the reaction time. I would definitely recommend the Sensei 310 over any other mouse right now.
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