Month: March 2018

ClusterPuck 99 Review

Clusterpuck 99 has some fun moments and a decent delivery, but this is definitely a party game first, a sports game second, and a solo adventure never.

Shadow Bug Review

With its unique features, this shadowy game has enough feet under its shell to be able to stand out on its own.

Lode Runner Legacy Review

With equal parts original content, old school installment and user generated fields, Lode Runner Legacy brings fire for the fans and fuel to make their own blazes.

Far Cry 5 Review

Far Cry 5 is a title which many have condemned, but just like Joseph Seed, it allows one to redeem oneself, and bask in the light of its utter excellence.

Penny-Punching Princess Review

You can let your purse strings loose for this one: Penny Punching Princess is a fantastic and unique adventure that allows capitalism to drive your entire storyline.

D/Generation HD Review

D/Generation HD really captures the Amiga generation while updating some key graphics and audio, but the legacy of a game doesn't always translate to modern fun.

Super Rocket Shootout Review

Despite its best intentions, Super Rocket Shootout just ends up a pixelated mess with a series of smaller issues that hamper the game's overall experience.