Symmetry Review

Symmetry is a hard as nails strategy, survival game where you and your team have crash landed on a deserted alien planet that experiences extreme weather conditions. It is your job to rally the team together in order to gather supplies and survive this harsh environment by fixing up your ship.

Whilst your team is on this planet there are a number of tasks that must be kept up in order to keep them in a fit and lively state. You must grow food to eat, collect wood to burn and keep warm and collect scrap metal in order to make repairs and upgrades. You will have to monitor each member of the team very closely, making sure they’re constantly fed, rested and warm enough to continue living. Each of their stats will decrease over time and if one ever gets overlooked and manages to deplete entirely then unfortunately your neglected team member bites the dust. Luckily for you they can then be stuffed into the fridge for the rest of the crew to chow down on or buried respectfully, the choice is entirely yours.

At the start of each game you will have 3 team members to manage and as you progress more people will return, making it all the more likely that someone will get overlooked. As your team gets bigger it becomes harder and harder to keep an eye on everyone and keep them alive as you hit a lot of restrictions; there’s only two re-energising pods; there’s a limit to how much food can be stored in the fridge; there’s only one research station; etc. These restrictions combined with the constant need to repair broken equipment means you have got to time manage you’re people to an almost flawless schedule if you’re to avoid any casualties.

You are really thrown into the deep end with Symmetry as there is next to no tutorial and there is no hand holding or pointers given to you throughout the entire game. You are left entirely to your own devices and must learn from the mistakes you make. Thankfully the game does come with the ability to pause and fast forward time so you can give everyone the correct commands without wasting valuable resource collecting time but this isn’t enough to overshadow the permanent death, insane difficulty and initial steep learning curve.

The other major downside to Symmetry is just how repetitive the gameplay is and how quickly it becomes un-enjoyable and monotonous to play. The gameplay consists of setting your team to work, gathering supplies and that’s about it, the gameplay never evolves or switches up when progress is made in the story. You just have to continue surviving by instructing the team to collect things and if you happen to fail and everyone dies, all you can do is restart and repeat.

Symmetry is an excruciatingly difficult survival game that many will give up on within their first hour of play; those who continue however will be rewarded with a monotonously repetitive experience. Unless you’re a huge survival game fan or you love a ridiculously hard challenge we’d suggest you give Symmetry a pass else you’ll be left reflecting on your bad decision.

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