TERRORHYTHM (TRRT) Early Access Preview

Terrorhythm is a rhythm game by the EvilCoGames, currently in Steam Early Access. It blends together the action of One Finger Death Punch with the careful design of rhythm games. The main gimmick of Terrorhythm is that your actions have to coincide with the beat of the song. There’s a bar at the bottom of the screen which acts as an indicator of when you can act. The goal is for the player to practice their rhythm and become in sync with the music. It’s a good idea on paper, but the game design must compliment it.

Think about it like this. If you can only attack with the beats, then enemy patterns should also coincide with the same beat. In other words, the game design of your average rhythm game. This isn’t the case in Terrorhythm. The enemies will charge at you out of sync with the music. Even though your instinct will want to time the movements with the song, doing so will get you a game over. The two core aspects of the game are contradictory to each either, which is a shame. This hurts the gameplay experience since the entire game revolves around rhythm-based timing.

The music is also a disappointment. While what we have here is good, it feels homogenous. Most of the tracks use similar beats and rhythms which makes the game feel repetitive. On a more positive note, there is a custom mode where you can use your own music. Being able to use custom music in a rhythm game is a great feature, that isn’t always present. The same issue of enemy patterns will persist. Since the pattern isn’t tied to the music beats, Terrorhythm’s custom music mode is less fun than it should be.

The graphical style of Terrorhythm has a unique futuristic vibe to it. There’s plenty of colour which makes the whole thing pop out. The game looks amazing which makes the experience more enjoyable. Enemies have a darker colour scheme which helps them to stand out from the background. This ensures you won’t have any problems dealing with oncoming enemies.

As this is an Early Access title, you can expect some lack of polish. Nothing about Terrorhythm is unplayable, it works fine. Every now and then you may find your character isn’t responding to your inputs. It’s isn’t a common occurrence but something to keep in mind if you want to purchase the game.

Right now there is only a single game mode, which is the campaign. You play through a series of levels to try and get the highest score. There is an online leaderboard which gives you an incentive to sharpen your skills. Terrorhythm is still in development, so it is possible to overlook the lack of game modes. However, the final product needs to have some variety. A challenge mode, time attack and level creator are some ideas that would fit the game.

There is a lot of potential in Terrorhythm. A solid foundation upon which the developers can continue to build. The main issue at the moment is the level design. The enemy movements should sync with the beat of the song. Otherwise, this is hardly a rhythm game.

In its current state, Terrorhythm is difficult to recommend. There isn’t enough content to keep you occupied and the game needs some more polish. Regardless, there is a lot of potential in this title. It is worth keeping an eye on and following the developers if you enjoy rhythm games. As long as the developers are consistent and continue to update the game, Terrorhythm can evolve into something special.

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