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Will to live online is a first-person based in an Eastern-European setting. There is a focus on gun gameplay and survival. The game is currently in its early access phase of development with an expected release window of “the second quarter of 2019”.

Opening the game for the first time, I was invited to choose a server to reside upon. I was, as expected, disappointed to see very low server loads with a max cap of about 10%. Pushing the cause of this to poor marketing and it not being well-known I carried on to the character creation screen. The options were fairly limited, but there was enough choice considering the game’s status. The options very aggressively push a stereotype eastern-European aesthetic although it fits the theme of the game. I would have liked more choice but hopefully this will be improved as the game progresses towards completion and beyond.

Entering the game, there was little in the way of story but instead dropped you right into the game world. Spawning into the game, the first views of the world are of a compound, a safe haven from the outside world bar a few rats. The scenery features that of a Slavic background with tower blocks and overgrown wilderness dominating the outside of the structures. I did feel that the models within the environment could have been improved as they are very limited in detail. NPCs with basic quests such as killing rats and gathering various plants and drops are dotted around the area. Completing these gives money to spend at the shop which conveniently vendors guns and buys your unwanted loot.

I managed to find a couple of other players who had managed to find better gear and more experience with the game. I noticed that they had some very basic animations which looked very sub-par in the modern game industry. After some basic interaction with the group, I tried to stay with them, I however died fairly quickly and had to resort to my own personal company. I found the enemies to be basic with move sets like those within a zombie setting.

Leaving the compound takes a loading screen which I found to be excessively long even when comparing to intensive games such as Far Cry and Battlefield. After loading into the outside, I was surrounded by very desolate, flat areas with little to no detail at all. There wasn’t anything which created a sense of awe or created any height of satisfaction.

It is important to consider that Will to Live Online is still very far from its estimated date of release. There are some big changes which need to be made before it becomes a worthy investment. At this stage the game feels too empty, but this could improve as the game moves along its development path. The survival genre of games is very saturated at this stage of the industry, and the games at the top of the chain are still standing strong. Can Will to Live Online stand up to existing games such as Day Z and Rust which previously have dominated the market? Doubts are far more prevalent in the current build, but the future of this game is still unknown.

I would recommend waiting for the game to developed before buying, the game itself has a good concept and theme but doesn’t execute as well as many of its competitors. As an MMO it is also sparsely populated and only represents the genre on paper.

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