Venom Twin Docking Station Review

Whether it be going through yet another set of batteries for your Xbox One controller or having to rummage through cables looking for your PS4 USB cable, charging your controllers can always be a bit of a pain in the backside. While there have always been successful alternatives, the big issue is that they are usually extortionately expensive.

That’s where the UK-based accessory manufacturer, Venom comes in. Offering a budget alternative to the impressive but invariably costly first party offerings, the Venom Twin Docking Station, while not without its faults, offers up a genuinely solid charging dock for both Xbox One and PS4 owners.

Catering to two controllers at a time, the Venom provides a convenient and easy to position dock for your controllers. The controllers click in to place nicely with charging signified by an easily identifiable LED on the front of the unit.

It’s not the highest quality looking unit in the world, but the sleek black finish is unobtrusive and completely inoffensive. It sits nicely next to the standard black consoles and won’t look out-of-place on your entertainment unit. There are flashier options for those looking to get their docks noticed (for whatever reason), but for my money, the basic black is the best of the bunch.

Sure, having yet another USB connector requiring a port on your console of choice can be an issue, but it definitely beats easily lost cables and loose batteries. The cable included is also a two-meter mini USB power cable that allows you to place the unit with ease. Yes, I know, that’s an additional cable in itself, but it’s connected to the dock and isn’t going to go missing.

Above all else though – it works. I know that sounds absurd, but at this price, that’s about all I am looking for. I’m not expecting a piece of modern art or something I want to show off to my friends – I just want a dock that will easily and conveniently charge my controllers, and that’s exactly what this is – a dependable, no frills alternative to its more expensive competitors.

Sure, the charge won’t be as long as on the premium models, but with the unit likely to be sat next to your console, the level of charge is unlikely to cause anyone but the most addicted gamers a problem. Still, if you are one of those gamers likely to go on genuine marathon sessions, you might want to consider one of the more premium offerings on the market.

By removing surplus, non-essential features from the device, the Venom Twin Docking Station delivers a successful budget alternative for those looking for a convenient and relatively cheap way to charge their controllers. The design is basic but perfectly functional and the charge levels, while behind the premium alternatives, will be absolutely fine for the vast majority of gamers. The Venom Twin Docking Station is unlikely to win any awards, but it totally succeeds in what it set out to do and successfully delivers a very reasonably priced way to keep your controllers charged at all times.

Venom Twin Docking Station is available now from leading retailers including Argos and Sainsbury’s.

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