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Sony over the past few years haven’t really shown anything new and they don’t plan too, nor do they have too. This generation, Sony have been on form by releasing first party/exclusive smash hit generation defining games such as Bloodborne, Uncharted 4 and God of War. And this momentum is only going to keep up with the highly anticipated Death Stranding and Last of Us 2. Yet it feels that some other titles, once glowing side by side with the already mentioned games, have been pushed aside. One of these games feels like it’s been in the works forever and Sony keep hinting, yet the hype train has been hushed; this game of course is Media Molecule’s Dreams.

Dreams takes the same philosophy as their previous game Little Big Planet by using the mantra ‘Play, Create, Share’. This time it’s more ambitious with players being able to create many different types and genre of games using simplistic tool’s so people can create. Originally announced in 2013, over the years Dreams has been diminishing in volume with betas and release dates silently being pushed back.

However, I did manage to get my hands-on prebuilt demos the developers made in a short space of time. These demos were to show the diversity and creative freedom Dreams offers. I thought I’d let you, my humble reader, know what you can expect to make when the game finally rolls out… Well, whenever that happens. Here are three of the best games I got my hands on with Dreams.

Please Hug Me:
Please Hug me is extremely simple. You are this red cube on this circular platform with lots of cones on it. You job is to go and hug the cones, though when you move towards the cones, they move away from you eventually falling to their pending death. Leaving you, the red square alone. As an experimental tech demo, that actually worked. The cute sounds of everything and charm this few second experience, felt more like an interactive short film than a video game.

Windy Glades:
A 2.5D platformer where you play as this creature collecting orbs in a whimsical forest scape. There’s is one section you turn into a wisp and drift across the screen, this all done on the fly. This was one of the stand out levels that had the finesse of indie title. As you jump on swinging platforms, they would rock with the right type of physics. The tutorial being displayed behind you, only to materialize at the right moment. To see this game, you would think it’s a top-tier independent game and not a creation a singular person, created within a videogame. It’s playing this game, you really start to understand the potential of Dreams and that this could be a game changer.

Moon Raider:
You fly a spaceship, shooting enemies spaceships down in a good old fashion dog fight. You can change to first- and third-person view in real-time. Again, it’s surprising how well this game felt and controlled; it felt no different to Starlink. The speed at which these spacecrafts flew at really gave a sense of urgency. There isn’t a whole lot of depth you can go into with these demos as they are just these little experiences. Though, there were tech demos of a 2D shoot em up, text adventure and even short animations. The only thing the developers have said you can not make is an MMO; so yes, you can even make a Battle Royale game that is playable online.

The mode Dreamsurfing is where you can access other people’s creations, and these can be narrowed down to genre type. Furthermore, there is a tab that allows you to play through people’s creation at random, similar to a shuffle mode on a music player. Such a mode can allow you to get lost in the weird and wonderful albeit loosing hours of your life just going to the next game. Moreover, the game comes with its own music creator allowing you to compose your own sounds and music.

The Game will feature a campaign too about a character name Art and his dreams. Here you play as an imp (your cursor) and you possess various objects within the game to achieve your goal/tasks; for example, at the start you possess a light bulb, so it lights up you surrounding to then possess a cone with legs to move to the next area.

It’s difficult to write about this game in a conventional sense because the game isn’t conventional. The main part of the game is about our creations and us finding these creations. Yes, we will see a lot of crap that people make. However, that small percentage that develop something great, well that’s where the game will excel. We should be more excited for this game because this is great for everyone, for creators, content creators, streamers, gamers, writers, musicians. If we put the time in, we can all be developers with this game and the potential for people playing this game for years is a possibility. So this is why its strange its coming at the end of the PS4 life, will this be a fair well while people save up for the PS5; or will we see it on both platforms; all I know is, this game has the potential to be something very special.

Dreams Preview
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