One Word by POWGI Review

POWGI are going through a period of releasing a series of titles which I would say are games, but of the most simplistic kind. Recently Word Search by POWGI was released, which was just a case of finding a word using the word search format. There was Word Sudoku by POWGI, which uses letters or numbers to play a standard Sudoku. Now there’s One Word by POWGI, which spices things up a little by utilising famous quotes and you have to find the words to finish the quote.

It’s difficult to review a game like One Word by POWGI because it’s such a simple premise repeated throughout the game. There are 120 different quotes to complete containing 600 puzzles. Each quote will be missing a set number of words. You are presented with a grid of letters solely made up of the letters that form the missing word, you just have to find the correct word and you automatically move onto the next missing word. This is basically the whole game. Some of the grids will be very large and some will be quite small and in theory, the easier grids to find a word within. There is a hint function which can be used to help identify the word your looking for.

One Word by POWGI is a really simple game, there’s no multiplayer but it does record the time it takes to find a word, so this gives it a little more longevity as you try to find the word faster next time. However that’s the issue, you complete a quote and there is no reason to go back, it’s not like different words within the quote need to be found when you replay it, plus you already know what the quote is. It’s very easy to highlight the required word, you click on the first or last letter and move across the grid to the finishing letter and it will automatically populate the quote.

Graphically the grids are easy on the eye and there aren’t many colours on show. Musically it’s like the rest of the POWGI games, so it’s essentially elevator music. There’s a couple of issues in regards to navigating between the different quotes. When you complete a quote you can move onto the next one in the sequence, however if you want to play an earlier or later one you have to go all the way back to the quote menu. Additionally, you won’t go back to the page of quotes you had chosen because you go back to the start, it’s only a minor quibble but One Word by POWGI  is such a simple game, something like this could have been easily rectified. Once you complete each quote (they are all playable from the start), unless you want to go back and beat your time, there isn’t anything making you want to go back and replay One Word by POWGI .

One Word by POWGI is a difficult game to review. It’s effectively a word search game, nothing more nothing less, it’s 120 quotes using the same visuals throughout. Is it the best word search game on PS4? Yes it is, but that really doesn’t say much. If you like word searches then One Word by POWGI will give you a couple of hours of, well I wouldn’t call it fun, but if you don’t like word searches then you’ll simply never play this game.

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