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Hypercharge is a first-person tower defence shooter which places players into every child’s dream. A world where you play as toy soldiers battling other evil toys, attempting to stop them from destroying your towers.

Loading up the game for the first time, I discovered that I was still in the box that my character was bought in. Memories of Toy Story came flooding back as I broke open the seal and grabbed a gun. The first phase of the game is a build mode which allows for players to prepare for the incoming assault by placing down defences such as Lego brick walls and explosive traps. After a short countdown a wave of enemies begin to attack, killing enemies will award you credits to spend on the next build phase. Defend the objectives and rebuild your defences; unlocking them through gameplay.

Enemies come in the form of other familiar toys from robots to parachute men. Each of the enemies have different skills and stats, which affects what guns are more effective in different scenarios. The best all round gun is the rifle which is provided by default, although against certain enemies a shotgun or a laser gun may be more of a preference. Regardless of the weapons provided, there are different styles of gameplay to keep the game fresh. Difficulty can be changed by the game host, but all of them provide a manageable difficulty which is neither too hard nor too easy.

Around the maps there are coins which reward you for completing jumping routes, these will give you an additional credit gain, as aside from just killing mobs. Pouches containing larger quantities of credits also appear, but they are much rarer than coins, although they become more common as the game progresses and the waves get harder. More egocentric players may wish to spend their credits on guns and weapon upgrades from one of the vendor stations positioned around the map. Buying directly is an expensive option and you may have to sacrifice some defence for a few rounds to gain some new toys.

Multiplayer population was low, as the first few attempts to get into a match failed. I was on the verge of giving up when I finally found one and I very much enjoyed the content. Jumping around the map and killing the multitude of unique enemy types was a refreshing experience not seen in other current shooters. The situation may change when the official release on 22nd June, but in its current state, I wouldn’t recommend the game to those who do not have a willing friend group to play with. Solo play was a much-reduced level of satisfaction, as defence of only one tower was possible due to distance and visual capability.

As a child I used to watch films such as Small Soldiers and Toy Story and Hypercharge: Unboxed brought back many childhood memories of playing the role of a toy in a video game. The levels scale down the player to be in recognisable environments around a normal house. Levels such as a garage and a bedroom were a couple of the levels which I experienced that reflected my own imagination.

Hypercharge: Unboxed is a recommend for those who are looking for a unique style of shooter, but I would avoid it unless you can get some friends on board to fully enjoy the experience. The servers at their current capacity aren’t enough to support a solo queue alone, if the game draws your interest, paying attention to the player count may provide some supportive results as the release day draws closer. The gameplay is definitely worth your valuable time.

Hypercharge: Unboxed is currently available on early access and will release on 22nd June 2019

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Hypercharge: Unboxed is a recommend for those who are looking for a unique style of shooter. The gameplay is definitely worth your valuable time.

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