Month: November 2019


Yuri Review

Enter a dreamscape where you ride your bed as a skateboard, free of illogical puzzles but full of obstacles to manoeuvre. But will it keep you up at night or put you to sleep?

True Fear Forsaken Souls – Part 1 Review

True Fear Forsaken Souls – Part 1 feels like a title which should have been a good decade, if not two, ago. As its out-of-time gameplay elements, and rigid game design make it look rather pale in comparison to its direct competition.

My Night Job Review

It may be too simple for some, but it is certainly enjoyable and I will certainly be recommending it to others, who I know are fans of this style of game.

Tetsumo Party Review

A party game based on Tetris using one's body, Tetsumo Party is a fun multiplayer but does it have any lastability in a single-player mode?