AVICII Invector Review

Back in 2017 Avicii & Hello There Games released Invector, a rhythm based game where you pressed buttons to the beat of one of the many Avicii tracks that were playable. It’s rare to have a game dedicated to a sole artist’s music, but that was the case with Avicii. Unfortunately, Avicii passed away in 2018 and now they are releasing an updated version of Invector i.e. AVICII Invector.

AVICII Invector follows Stella, a space pilot, as she travels to different worlds looking for chocolate whilst listening to the music of Avicii. There are 25 Avicii tracks such as Wake Me Up, Without You, Lay Me Down and Hey Brother, which can be played through over 3 difficulties. The songs are split up over different worlds, roughly four songs per world need to be completed to move onto the next. AVICII Invector is a rhythm game, so you need to press the buttons/follow the actions that appear on-screen. The better you are at hitting the buttons at the right time, then the greater the points you’ll score, if you’ve hit enough points/percentage then you can move onto the next song.

First of all if you’re not a fan of the music of Avicii or the genre of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) or variations of it, then AVICII Invector is not the game for you because all the playable songs are Avicii releases. The main purpose of AVICII Invector is to press the buttons that appear on-screen at the right time to the beats of the song, the closer you press the button to when the spaceship flies over the button icon, then the greater the score; you will see the standard ‘Good’, ‘Perfect’ etc text appear when pressed in time. You will then start to build streaks which increases your score further.

AVICII Invector gameplay is split into 3 separate ways; There is a triangle track that you will need to rotate because buttons will appear to the left and right of you; the only way to go over them is to rotate the triangle. There is a flat track which works in a very similar way to the triangle track but is more about moving left and right rather than rotating. The third section is a free flying track where you must guide your spaceship through circles, this will help to keep your streak going. It all comes together in a very smooth way, as correctly timed button presses are represented with splurges of colour and neon lights; there’s a definite sense of satisfaction as you watch your streak increase. Some of the button prompts are multipliers so those especially need pressing at the correct time.

Graphically, AVICII Invector is pure splendor on the eyes. As you progress through the different worlds, the colourful explosions and cyberpunk styling comes across in droves, but each world has a noticeable different feel to them. On more difficult settings or if you’re hitting the notes on time, you won’t get a chance to take in the detailed landscapes, so at least that gives you another reason to play the song again. Obviously the music could be a turn-off for some, but it sounds great in AVICII Invector. There is multiplayer functionality which increases the longevity of the game ten-fold. It’s a fun experience on your own but even more with friends. There is also an online leaderboard which adds even more value to what is already an excellently presented AVICII Invector.The controls are on point, if for some reason you think the latency is a little off then you can manually change it to suit. Difficulty matters in AVICII Invector, the later songs on medium and hard will test your reactions because there will be a lot of rotating and quick button combinations.

AVICII Invector is a really immersive enjoyable title that combines frenetic rhythm and gorgeous graphics to produce quite an addictive experience that can be played with friends. For what, from the outside, is a basic premise, AVICII Invector manages to have that one more game replayability that can be lacking from a lot of games these days. AVICII Invector is a polished title and one of the best rhythm games out there, so dust off those dancing shoes and get yourself onto the AVICII Invector spacial dancefloor.

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AVICII Invector Review
  • Gameplay - 8/10
  • Graphics - 8/10
  • Sound - 8/10
  • Replay Value - 8/10


AVICII Invector is a really immersive enjoyable title that combines frenetic rhythm and gorgeous graphics to produce quite an addictive experience.