Bleep Bloop Review

Some games you play have no intro and just throw you straight into the action with very little background or instructions. Bleep Bloop is one such title. The summary is that Bleep and Bloop have to work together to overcome all the obstacles in their way, that’s all you get. In Bleep Bloop, you have control of a yellow blob using the left stick and a red blob via the right stick. The aim of Bleep Bloop is to get both blobs into the blue squares that are on screen.

The mechanics of Bleep Bloop are what set it apart from most puzzle games, it sort of uses the same gravitational set up as Gravity Duck; you move the blobs but once they move you have no further control until they have hit another surface. For example, you move Bleep right, then you can’t move Bleep again until he’s hit a flat surface, both blobs can be moved simultaneously, but that comes with its own issues. If the blobs hit each other mid-flight then they explode, so you need to restart the level. Like most puzzle games, Bleep Bloop starts off fairly easy as you get used to navigating around the screen. You soon realise you need use Bleep and Bloop together for every level and you will spend a lot of time pushing Bleep into Bloop and vice versa. There is no time limit to a level, so you can take as long as you want to work your way around a level to complete it.

There are 5 worlds to get through in Bleep Bloop. As you progress you will come across more obstacles and start using an extension skill. Gum will stop you mid map so you can use that to get around and there are switches that need turning on and off. A hidden game exists which plays a little like Tetris, where you must keep Bleep and Bloop alive as long as possible because it involves moving blocks that get faster the longer you play. It adds a little more longevity to Bleep Bloop, but isn’t something that will keep you going back for more. The main game of Bleep Bloop gets substantially more difficult as you get further and you will need to take your time and not panic. There will be several occasions where you accidentally have both Bleep and Bloop moving, but they hit each other resulting in you having to repeat the level. Bleep Bloop definitely requires a large degree of patience, but that will come with practice.

Graphically, Bleep Bloop is very basic, starting with a very simple menu that takes you to a very simple looking set of levels. Bleep and Bloop are two colourful blobs, but beyond that, there isn’t many colours; to be fair, puzzle games are not generally known for their graphical prowess, but Bleep Bloop leans on a ‘less is more’ approach. Sound-wise, Bleep Bloop has the usual non offensive catchy puzzle game music you would have experienced before. Bleep Bloop isn’t that addictive, if you get too frustrated with a level, then there’s not anything else making you want to back and try again.

Bleep Bloop is a simple game, with a simple mechanic and simple looks. It’s an interesting game that will frustrate you if you let it, patience is key and once you’ve mastered that, then Bleep Bloop will become easier to play. If you like puzzle games that are little bit different and offer a challenge, then Bleep Bloop will give you a couple of hours of fun. If you are looking for something with a bit more depth, then Bleep Bloop won’t quite satisfy that craving, but that shouldn’t be held against it.

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Bleep Bloop Review
  • Gameplay - 6/10
  • Graphics - 6/10
  • Sound - 6/10
  • Replay Value - 6/10
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Bleep Bloop is a simple game, with a simple mechanic and simple looks.