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SwapQuest is a scrolling puzzling game which combines many elements that can be found in RPG’s. This game was developed by Rebusmind, based in Berlin, Germany. Players can play as either Prince Wilbert or Princess Wilma, after this there are also 6 different classes that players are able to choose from which will influence the different styles of game-play that can be found. Each of these unique character classes allow for various playthroughs of the games story line. This game also has two different graphics options which can be easily switched through with the click of the right stick, these are the Classic and Smooth graphics options. So, depending on how the player feels they can have a smoother version of the game or revert to an older retro style version of the game. Personally, I found that the Smooth graphics setting were much easier to view throughout.

During this game players must swap the tiles to navigate through the different levels, however this is times as your hero is being chased by the horde, so players need to think quickly about how to set up their routes. This is quite a unique mechanic that took some time getting used to, however was very enjoyable when it became second nature. Throughout the journey players must collect gems, defeat various monsters, upgrade, and purchase various equipment.

There are also a variety of different environments that players will encounter throughout, each of these environments also contains different soundtracks, enemies, traps, and some contain different mechanics that are needed to complete the levels. I found that the various soundtracks were very pleasing to listen to and didn’t become too repetitive at all, unlike many other puzzle type games that I have reviewed in the past.

One thing that I personally found annoying during this game was the fact that once I either defeated and enemy or opened a chest, the loot would go literally everywhere, meaning I had to then spend most of my time replacing the tiles with the ones with loot on just to be able to collect everything, I feel getting to the chests at time should simply be rewarded with the loot that is inside straight to the player, even if this amount is somewhat less that what is spread all over the map.

Throughout the story there are also many different boss monster encounters which can help breakup the somewhat repetitive nature of this game (not bad repetition), however I was left very confused on the first boss as I was constantly missing all my attacks, it took myself quite a considerable amount of time to realise that I would need to make the boss vulnerable. I won’t reveal here how to do so as that would take away from the puzzling element of this game. Each of the bosses that you encounter through the game have different techniques that are needed to be uncovered before making them weak to your attacks.

Upon completing the game there are also different tasks that can be complete to both unlock a secret level, and to unlock the true ending of the game. Players must collect shards from all 12 levels before they are able to continue with this, this can be very RNG dependent I found when I was collecting these shards. However, once this has been done, this game has a very enjoyable ending that I don’t wish to spoil.

This game has a rich trophy list for those players looking to find themselves a hefty number of trophies, also the platinum for this trophy isn’t hugely difficult to complete at all, it just has a few grindy elements that many will be completed through the completion of the story line anyways.

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  • Gameplay - /10
  • Graphics - /10
  • Sound - /10
  • Replay Value - /10
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