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Drawfighters is an innovative spin on the pokemon formula that has existed for a good few decades and has had great success. Spanish studio Wildbit has taken this formula and added a unique and quite fantastic mechanic of making your own fighters using a mobile device.

The game revolves around fighting in tournaments and working yourself to the top in 3v3 battles. Not much really story wise with a focus on the gameplay with the game only really lasting 4 or so hours. Drawfighters incorporates the same weakness chart as pokemon again but with it not really mattering since most fights are mind numbingly easy and knowledge of weaknesses doesn’t even matter.

Drawfighters as previously mentioned revolves around it’s 3v3 fights but it’s very simplistic with most fights not needing more than a couple of attacks to end them. With some of the attacks having some drawn out animations (which like the rest of the game seem unpolished) I thank god that there is a fast forward button to speed things up. The game follows along with this simplicity until the Volcano tournaments where the developers decided to just increase the difficulty to a point where I needed to start not only focusing more on which attacks I used but to go back and level up some more.

Graphically Drawfighters is a bit bipolar with some of their characters looking very quirky, fun and unique to just ugly and weird. The same can’t be said for the arenas that just look uninspired and bland, not to mention just not pretty. When it comes to the sound I can’t really tell you much as after a few minutes it got to annoying and trigged my misophonia I just had to mute my TV.

Now to speak about the only redeeming factor of Drawfighters, the game’s custom character creation. The game has a companion app on mobile and tablet that allows you to literally draw a character and have it transformed into a 3D model. It really goes beyond that though with the ability to actually create the animations for attacking, defense, victory and idle. It’s quite impressive and to be honest the most fun part of the game; unfortunately, after creation of these characters the game just doesn’t offer anything that worth actually having made them.

As previously stated most of the game is an issue with a lot of it being unrefined and just not fun. If I had to talk about the biggest issue it would have to be that the game is ultimately repetitive with the game consisting of picking an attack, waiting, pick an attack, etc. It just feels like a grind and doesn’t have the charm or the magic of other games like Pokemon or Digimon. There isn’t this feeling that I’m inclined to work on my characters and winning fights, just a lack of interesting story or characters.

Overall Drawfighters just has way more cons than pros with most of them being integral to the game being fun. The game’s mechanics are pretty basic with the gameplay just being bland and boring, with the graphics following in this trend of just being bland and boring. The game overall had a nice concept but just wasn’t executed properly with it needing to go back to the drawing board or just more time in the oven. In the end I do not recommend this game, I would suggest getting another edition Pokemon rather than slogging through this game.

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