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Raw Data is a critically acclaimed VR game that was released back in July of 2016 on PC and now it’s out on PS4. The game is a refinement of the cliché VR games of this generation, with the use of teleportation and zany motion controls it brings the experience to a higher level than before. With a slew of weapons and enemies running right at you ripe for the slaughter.

The game is set in a pretty generic futuristic dystopian world; you are then tasked with infiltrating and taking down the oppressors. It’s quite cliché but as with these sort of games the plot is just a device used to facility the visceral action packed set pieces. There is an attempt at a compelling story arc but it doesn’t really nail the right feeling but the gameplay more than makes up for it with its action.

The game is separated into multiple levels with the play escorting some kind of hacking device as it continues to mine for some raw data; all while you have the objective of defending said device. As most people who play first person shooters will tell you this is quite overused and it doesn’t matter as long as the combat is actually fun. The game doesn’t have much variety when it comes to enemies with a couple of different models of androids who seem to be malfunctioning. With that said what the game lacks in variety it makes up for in overall fun of hacking and slashing these androids.

Combat mechanics is where the game shines; Raw Data features some of the smoothest and most exciting combat in a VR game. The game uses gesture control to give the illusion that you are really using these weapons; from actually loading the arrow in the bow to reloading your pistol. A game that is going for the “bad ass” experience wouldn’t be complete without a laser katana sword and its ability to chop and dismember androids.

There are big issues with Raw Data on PSVR and most of them stem from the limitations of the PSVR itself and that Raw Data was built with the HTC Vive as its lead platform. Issues like having to reach out for things that are out of reach and by doing so accidently move out of the PSVR’s play area. Another issue is when using the laser katana sometimes when getting really into the swinging I’ll end up swinging the PS Move controller out of the play area causing a weird seizure on screen. With that said these are all shortcomings on the PSVR’s end, the game if given proper facilitation can really shine the way it was meant to.

With all that said and done Raw Data offers a unique experience that currently is rare and hard to find elsewhere. The game features a generic plot that won’t have me writing home about but the game shines in the most important department and that’s gameplay. The game really capitalises on giving the player the feeling of being a futuristic gun wielding ninja. And as stated earlier the game has its issues that can really break the immersion and pull you out of the fun but again unfortunately this is due to the limitations of the PSVR and less to do with the game. Overall the game really is word the price of admission and is the game to play on PSVR if you’re an action fan and with few options in this genre that hit the same notes there isn’t much out there that can compete.

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