The Exorcist: Legion VR – Chapter 2: Idle Hands Review

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Welcome back detectives for the second episode of the VR horror game, The Exorcist Legion; titled Idle hands. We pick up where we left off from episode one, having learnt the name of who unknowingly set the events that we face into action.

A very brief recap, The Exorcist Legion is a horror game for VR (I‘m playing it using the PSVR), developed by Wolf and Wood. It is a horror VR title and the episodes so far contain one puzzle in them. The game takes place across 5 episodes. In the first episode we went to a crime scene at a church, where we picked up items that we need in order to perform an exorcism. We also started to gather some information of what we may face.

Time now to find out what Episode 2 has waiting for us. Can it impress like the first episode did? Well, just like the first episode, this one takes around 20 minutes to beat on the first go around.

Episode 2 starts to expand a little more on what we learnt from the first episode. We start to learn a little more about what we are dealing with, and possibly what we may have to deal with at the end.

Like the first episode, we get a little intro to help set up the scene before we start. When we are able to start looking around we get to see Lucie Moss and what has become of her. We also get to listen to her muttering, as well as items that have been left out for us to look at.

It seems that each episode is giving only a small amount of information. The issue I have at this, and it is a tiny issue at the minute, I feel like I’m no real closer to knowing what is actually going on. Now this might be by design. In the next couple of episode we may gather a fair bit more story. It could also be just that the game is focusing more on the scares and building tension. Creating a great horror experience, and that the narrative is something that is going to be only a small amount of each episode. Whatever the case, this has game has me interested in what is going on.

The game play is slightly expanded in this episode. While in the first episode we collected the items we will be using throughout the game, episode two now sees us use these items. Other than that the gameplay is the same of that of the first episode. Explore the area, learn some information and deal with the horror that waits. Learning how to quickly get through the menu items to get to your tools is handy. I would also take a little time to get to learn how they work. This is where the book we found in the church can help, providing information on each tool. However the issue is trying to read it, as stated in my review for the first episode it is hard to read some of the writing. The main item I would just spend a minute or two on, would be the holy water, as you need to throw this with some force in order for the glass to break at times.

I think the best way to describe this episode is to compare it to Layers of Fear, with the corridor you travel down changing at times. The corridor also holds other spooks within it. I have to say I found myself holding the crucifix up for most of it. It was more of a safety net than anything, helping to try to calm me.

One thing that I noticed this time around that I didn’t notice in the first episode, was that there is no pause button. This is something that I didn’t notice before as I didn’t really need to use it, and it is the same for the second episode. However when you’re playing and want a quick rest, then you notice. This was the case on a second play through or if you want to play episodes back to back and need a rest.

Each episode so far seems to contain a puzzle. I should say that these are not in your face puzzles that you need to solve to progress or even noticeable as a puzzle, as they are just in plain sight and blend in with the environment. It is worth trying to find and solve them, as they offer an upgrade of sorts to the equipment. The puzzles weren’t that hard to figure out as well.

In terms of the controls, I would once again recommend using the move controllers. Using just the standard PS4 controller, all you seem to be able to move was one hand, while with the Move controllers you’re able to move both hands. This can make accessing the menu system easier.

In terms how you move around the game, you are able to decide between using a teleport system, or by free roaming. I used the free roam option, like in the previous episode. The game does offer different speeds of movement, helping make sure that movement is as comfortable as possible for the player.

Moving through the level was simple enough, until however, the corridor became narrower. At this point it did take a little extra to get use to the movement to move around them as simply as possible. Maybe this is down to still having to get use to the movement when in VR general. So nothing that, at the minute, I’m going to worry too much about.

For episode two, it is the same visually as the first episode. It is a very nice looking VR game. It is some of the smaller details in the opening area of the episode that just seems to help bring the area to life. Areas may not be big, but the space is used really well.

It is worth pointing out that on one side of the waiting room, the shadows seemed somewhat jagged around the edges. They weren’t as smooth as they were in other areas. I only noticed this in one area however, so nothing too concerning. Lighting in areas was nice, helping create a mood. Again, this is something that in the two episodes have impressed. Areas are well-lit to help create a mood. The lamp provides just enough light to see just in front, so that you are always unaware of what is too far ahead of you.

It is the sound however that wins the show once more for me. The sounds we hear in the waiting area, from the ticking of the clock to the ramblings of Lucie Moss before we enter the room. This in itself makes you nervous about entering. The feeling of nervousness and fear only increases as the main event triggers . How the voice comes across is nothing sort of creepy, creating unrest within the player. I didn’t want to enter the holding room, and as I progressed through the level the sounds just got more haunting. It is one of those weird moments you face, you try not to let it get to you, trying to not pay attention…. However you want to listen, you want to hear every detail, every word being spoken. The voice and other sounds just seem to find a way of getting the job done, and creeping you out.

Overall, the second episode, Idle Hands, manages to keep you on edge and delivers tension and scares, just as the first one did. The use of a different method helps keep it fresh from the first episode, and not feeling like they reused the same techniques to scare the player. This is still a must for anyone who is a fan of horror that has a VR. Delivering nice short episodes that don’t over stay their welcome. Making you enjoy the experience, and wanting it to continue playing.

It would just be nice if something would be added to making reading the information on pages better, and if it had a pause button. Something that playing one episode a day might not be an issue, but playing each episode back to back, that is when it could be more of an issue.

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The Exorcist: Legion VR - Chapter 2: Idle Hands Review
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Grab your holy water and cross.. its time for the 2nd episode of The Exorcist Legion VR.

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