Tyler: Model 005 Review

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3D, Action, adventure, exploration, indie, Maximum Games, Platformer, Reversed Interactive, RPG, Tyler: Model 005, Tyler: Model 005 Review, Xbox One, Xbox One Review

Tyler: Model 005 is a charming 3D action-platformer and explorer game developed by Reversed Interactive. It begins with a short introduction story that tells the tale of an inventor creating his own little robots. With his creations seemingly ahead of its time for the 1950s, the game begins following a sudden and strong thunderstorm that brings to life a spunky little robot called Tyler in the basement of his creator’s home.

With no recollection of events prior, Tyler must now navigate through a world much larger than him in order to figure out the mystery of his creator’s whereabouts. Tyler has the personality of an enthusiastic and optimistic teen (which is very possible considering that this is the 1950s). But accomplishing this task will be a lot easier said than done as you will have to face off with a number of enemies, puzzles and avoiding a loss of battery power.

3D, Action, adventure, exploration, indie, Maximum Games, Platformer, Reversed Interactive, RPG, Tyler: Model 005, Tyler: Model 005 Review, Xbox One, Xbox One Review

Gameplay in Tyler: Model 005 is simple, but this does not necessarily make it an easy game to play and finish. One of the first of many “deaths” came from not realizing how quickly Tyler’s battery drains when his robot body is outside of the light. So, it then becomes important for you to scan your environment for the nearest light sources, which often come in the form of a lantern lamp before you move Tyler out of his present light source. This sort of detail helps get your mind attuned to our protagonist’s size in the real world. Ordinary items like chairs, tables, and stairs become the platforms and obstacles you must work through.

Tyler: Model 005 allows you to scale walls and traverse rather difficult environments with simplified controls. But bear in mind that as you progress in the game, the controls may be simple, but their application will get more difficult. You will have to calculate and time your actions in order to get through. Tyler allows you to make use of certain objects in environments to aid your progress. Boxes will become your saving grace in most cases. Not all walls can be scaled though, so there are markers that will let you know which walls can actually help you. The good news is that in all the technicalities, you will be able to improve Tyler to suit your style of gameplay and the challenges in the different environments.

Tyler: Model 005 makes good use of an upgrade reward system as you progress. When you reach certain checkpoints in the game, you are able to unlock certain upgrades for Tyler. From increased health, better defenses and unique outfits, you have the choice to create the Tyler you would be proud of.

Tyler will have to face off with some enemies in the form of spiders and rats. Thankfully, Tyler is well-equipped to deal with the pests in a variety of ways. From engaging into combat mode where his hands behave as blades of sorts to chop and smash the critters to use of cherry bombs that will send some parts of your enemies flying in a beautiful fashion.

All these things come together in Tyler: Model 005 and help you as you solve puzzles to get to the bottom of the mystery.

3D, Action, adventure, exploration, indie, Maximum Games, Platformer, Reversed Interactive, RPG, Tyler: Model 005, Tyler: Model 005 Review, Xbox One, Xbox One Review

I did enjoy how Tyler: Model 005 kept the protagonist’s charm throughout the game. Despite Tyler being a robot, his personality added an emotional connection that made me want to help him solve this mystery. This was a lovely touch added to the game and is definitely one of the more noteworthy aspects of this title.

I can safely say that I only encountered a handful of difficulties with the controls and glitches, but not to the extent of me wanting to quit the game entirely. Gameplay was smooth enough and the graphics earned a thumbs up from me. The lighting turned each room and environment into a character of its own. At the beginning of the game, Tyler is in the basement and everything about it screamed that you are in the dingy bottom floor of whatever building you’re in. This made each new space an adventure of its own visually, making me wonder how easily would I be able to get through my own home if I were Tyler’s size.

Although I do wish more was done for this game, I would definitely recommend Tyler: Model 005 for anyone looking to play a game with charm, exploration, adventure and a nice story.

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Tyler: Model 005 Review
  • Gameplay - 7/10
  • Graphics - 8/10
  • Sound - 7/10
  • Replay Value - 7/10


Tyler: Model 005 is a game filled with charm and renewed wonder at the ordinary through the eyes of a spirited robot with a heart of gold.


  • Tyler’s personality.
  • An interesting exploration of familiar environments.
  • Upgrades and customization of Tyler.


  • Some environments felt frustrating.
  • Felt like it was missing something.

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