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Cyber Protocol is an arcade puzzle game brought to us by RedDeerGames! It got released on September 17th, 2020 and received a positive response from the community for having amazing visuals as well as providing something to chew on! What I really like about this title is that it really offers a lot in terms of puzzles! The one hundred levels that are being thrown at you makes it a worthwhile challenge! Perhaps you aren’t that much familiar with puzzle games and trying to get into them, but don’t know where to start? You’re in luck, because I might just have the information you are looking for!

In the story of Cyber Protocol, you will take the role of a hacker who has found a disc and is now looking for the person connected to it. Having such an amazing story, you would expect the gameplay to be as good, right? Well, it might not sound that intimidating at first, knowing that pretty much all the gameplay will be some sort of maze puzzle game. If you take a look at the gameplay, you will notice that it will look quite similar to the old arcade games back in the days, such as PAC-MAN!

Most of the action will pretty much happen when you move your character’s icon up, down, left or right. That is how you navigate, simple, don’t you think? It is also important to remember that your icon will move until it gets stopped by things such as a wall or a trap. In order to make it out of a maze, you will have to find the exit! Think you will be able to stay safe throughout the maze? You would almost expect the levels to be repetitive considering that there are one hundred levels available, but to be honest, that is not the case! As you keep playing, you will notice that new traps will appear and make the game even more interesting. That ,combined with the level dynamics to really make the experience feel really fresh! My personal favourite trap must be the firewall that will burn you if you contact it.

There is also a scoring system within Cyber Protocol and in order to get a high score you will have to finish the levels as quickly as possible or just nab the collectibles that you can find in them. It adds a nice replay value and strive to be the very best! By finding collectibles, you will also be able to unlock new soundtracks and icons! Despite the game having a simple concept as well as a simple goal, there are many possible ways to get from one point to the other. The soundtrack combined with the game’s visual really makes this minimalistic experience more elevated! Considering the vaguely made description on the store page, it still might be worth a shot if you are into difficult puzzle games! If you are a more casual player when it comes to puzzle games, I would highly suggest waiting for a sale before you grab it.

Wrapping the bag together, Cyber Protocol really is a solid puzzle game considering what I expected it to be at first. Everything from the soundtrack to all the neon lighting really makes me want to keep playing! The gameplay mechanics are quite simple, but get slightly more complex as you keep playing throughout the stages. It will also make the players stay on their toes as they try to figure out the solution for the various challenges along the way. Once you have mastered the levels, you can always play them again and find an element to improve on! There is after all a Leaderboard that will allow you to see the different scores!

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Cyber Protocol Review
  • Gameplay - 8/10
  • Graphics - 9/10
  • Sound - 7/10
  • Replay Value - 5/10
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In the end, Cyber Protocol is an overall solid title if you enjoy difficult puzzles! If you are new to puzzles games, I would highly suggest looking around for another puzzle game or wait until it goes on sale!

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