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Have you ever thought of using algae, to solve the world’s problems. Though not, although I am guessing you are intrigued by such a statement. This may be the game for all of you inquisitive gamers out there. A New Beginning: Final Cut was developed by Daedalic Entertainment and is published by Lace Mamba. It’s a post-apocalyptic story, where earth has been destroyed by the forces of nature. Something that we may actually see in our planets future, if it carries on the way its going.

A New Beginning starts up in the far future. Due to all the ecological disasters that have happened on earth, life is now only possible in caves deep under the ground. Many life forms have become extinct and now the human race is faced with the same fate. Some cleaver inventors have managed to invent time travel, and plan on using it to travel to a time where the ecological problems that have caused so much extinction exist, but can be solved. On their travels they find a document telling us about the main character in the game Bent Svensson, who invented a biofuel based upon blue algae. Could he be the answer to the problem and save our planet earth? Let’s find out shall we. A new Beginning is a tale of eco-warriors, retired scientists and seaweed. Sounds odd but its not too bad.

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The game starts off with an animated and real voice narrated comic strip style look. It’s pretty well done and introduces you well to the story and gets you in the mood for your adventures ahead. When you eventually get into the actual game, you are faced with some a nicely hand drawn scene. The individual scenes are very detailed and are beautifully hand drawn. They really have done a great job in this department. As I have mentioned all the speech in this game is narrated and the background music is well placed and helps you get the mood of what going on in the story. Although I must say the dialogue doesn’t always do the game justice. You often notice the lines seem unnatural and unnatural, which seem badly scripted.

Your main character Bent Svensson is standing over a generator scratching his head. This is where the game takes you on a quick tour of the game controls and introduces you to how the game is played (making use of this initial puzzle). The controls are all pretty similar to any other point-and-click style adventure you may have played. You are required to us the left mouse button held down to open a mini menu for the item you are interested in. Then you select an option. For example if you are looking at a box you will have examine and open. You also have a very handy feature that if you hold down the space bar, this shows all the available items of interest in a scene. This is very handy indeed and minimises the possibility of missing that all important item. This can often cause more frustration that enjoyment in an adventure game. Something I am sure we all have faced at some point. You move your main character around using the left mouse button. This causes him to walk around. Also if that’s a bit slow and you are fed up of his walking speed between scenes you have been too a number of times. You can double click to exit your current scene and move to the next screen again this is a nice touch.

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The puzzles are not too taxing in this game. You are rarely stumped for too long. There are also quite a few puzzles that seem to be there just to add to the story. These can often be ignored, but do feel if you want to enjoy the game fully and become better immersed in the game I would include these in your adventures.

I would defiantly recommend this game. It is fun and has a very interesting and in depth-story. It’s well presented and easy to pick up and play. I played this over the space of a few days and it has a great ending that I won’t spoil. I can see it appealing to young adults and upwards; the story won’t be too appealing to the younger gamer. It is not too expensive and is one of the better adventure games I have played in recent years.

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