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With travel becoming an increasingly prominent part of my working life, I have found myself unceremoniously packing my MacBook Pro and iPad into my ill-suited Adidas bag on more than one occasion. This leads to the inevitable concern that a combination of personal clumsiness and busy London streets will see my wife’s beloved MacBook take the kind of hit that could very realistically put our marriage at risk…….she really loves that MacBook.

Not anymore though – now, thanks to the Case Logic 15.6″ Laptop + Tablet Backpack, I get to carry our expensive technomibobs in the knowledge that, short of dropping it off a ledge or throwing it into the sea, my laptop and tablet will remain safe and sound in their relatively well guarded surroundings.

These bags aren’t built to withstand shotgun blasts at close range, but their specially designed padding should deal with the majority of every day knocks and scrapes while allowing you to carry what is an unassuming yet aesthetically pleasing backpack. It’s not a work of art by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s comfortable, lightweight, purpose built, and thanks to a range of colours, does not look quite as boring as many of the backpacks found in the market (my wife was especially happy with the pomegranate colour scheme).

With plenty of pockets and compartments for cables, cases and every day bits and bobs, this really is the ideal bag for daily travel (be it school or work), and thanks to its understated design, doesn’t scream, “hey, this is where I keep my expensive laptop” to the undesirables of this world.

The zips certainly aren’t the best made in the world and some will invariably want something a bit flashier, but in terms of a servicable backpack offering up a combination of protection, aesthetics and usability, Case Logic’s laptop and backpack range offer a very solid product at a very decent price.

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