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Some may say that mobile gaming is taking over the games industry. With Candy Crush’s unbelievable popularity many companies have been trying to re-create the mobile gaming magic, however none of these desperate attempts have been enough to grab people’s attention. Although these of games are considered failures compared to Angry Birds, there is still a small amount of fun to be had with them. And Kung Fu Rabbit fits into that category nicely.

Just from the first level you can feel how much this game is largely inspired by Super Meat Boy, unfortunately with a lot less blood. From the wall jumping mechanisms to just about everything else in the gameplay, this game screams Team Meat’s PC classic. But if you’re a fan of that game, then Kung Fu Rabbit could tickle your gaming taste buds. This game will appeal to individuals who enjoy a challenge. Once you have completed all the levels you can aim to collect all four carrots in each level, along with a few extra challenges in the dojo stage. So you get a lot of re-playability with this game.

The only problem I have is that it’s across most platforms, while I feel that this game is perfectly suited for an iPhone. I didn’t think it was worth it putting this game on the PS3 as playing it with a controller just didn’t feel comfortable. I would love to see how this game would look on the 3DS as I believe that would be the ideal platform for Kung Fu Rabbit. I’d have to play it on all the available platforms to tell for myself which is the definitive version, but those thoughts are those of nightmares. I wouldn’t even put my most hated enemy through that.

Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bad game. I just found that it’s easiness and repetitiveness weren’t enough to keep me entertained for too long. Not even splitting play sessions into short bursts would be enough to keep your attention. But that horrible feeling passes when you move on to the more challenging levels. Unfortunately, apart from a small challenge, Kung Fu Rabbit doesn’t offer anything new and exciting. This game is primarily made from a mix of all the good parts about iPhone games, which is effectively like mixing pizza, cheese cake and coke in a blender. Not a nice r esult. There is also an in-game shopping system in which you can spend your carrots on different worlds which have even more levels to play.

In my opinion, Kung Fu Rabbit looks like a nice game and there is a small amount of fun to be had with it. The Japanese setting is a pleasant one, which is portrayed very nicely though this game. Unfortunately it takes a while to get into if you’re playing on the PS3 or WiiU. However, I find that this game would be more suited for portable gaming devices. So if you have a 3DS then I’d definitely give this a go at least. It’s only £4.50, and with a lot of content you are sure to enjoy yourself one way or another.

I’m going to give this game a 6, because it’s not necessarily a bad game. It’s just not suited for console based playing. I’m sure I would have a very fun experience if I played Kung Fu Rabbit on 3DS. This game is without a doubt more of a play on the bus type game, however that’s down to personal preference. But if you’re looking for something with a challenge and at times gets the blood pumping, then this game could be for you.

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