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If you ever fancied working for a soup company then here’s your chance. Nom Nom Galaxy! gives you the opportunity to be the soup employee you can be. You work as an Astroworker for Soupco, a company wanting to capitalise the galaxy and it’s soup market share. Whether the number one issue in universal exploration is actually soup domination may be up for conjecture but that’s story behind Nom Nom Galaxy!

Part platformer, tower defence, mining, construction and resource management, Nom Nom Galaxy! is an interesting mix of genres. The ‘corporate campaign’ has you being sent to various planets to find soup making ingredients. As you arrive on each world you’re treated to a simple side scrolling platformer.

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Once you gain enough items you can start building structures and send your well made soup to your customers. This finding soup, making soup and distributing soup routine makes up the majority of what Nom Nom Galaxy! is about. Part of the platformer side of things includes the ability to use a buzz saw to open a route in a level, you can build ladders to help you further towards the surface and make sure you top up your air supply because it’s pretty embarrassing dying in a soup making orientated game.

As you progress through in Nom Nom Galaxy! you’ll come across weekly challenges that add some variety to the gameplay, usually some kind of race. As you gain more market share your rivals in the soup business will attempt to stop you from continuing your rise. They’ll send their employees to disrupt or destroy your soup making abilities. This is where Nom Nom Galaxy! becomes more of a tower defence experience although this part of the game is probably the least interesting. After the initial thrill of using your buzz saw to stop them the fun soon wears thin. As you build your empire you need robot helpers to take over the more mundane tasks but their AI is not the best so you’ll have to keep your eye on them longer than you really need to.

Visually Nom Nom Galaxy! is a very simple premise, it won’t win any prizes for quality but at least it does what it says on the (soup) tin. The different worlds you play with are all basic whilst the enemies carry on the basic theme. The scenery is very minimalist which I guess goes with what you would expect from a soup based title. Soundtrack wise it follows a retro electronic feel which is something you tend to find in games of this ilk. Nom Nom Galaxy! starts off in a comedic manner but for some reason it doesn’t continue with it as you progress through, there weren’t as many soup related puns as expected, you could argue that could be a good thing.


You can play online and co-op with Nom Nom Galaxy! which helps add some extra longevity to the experience. The regular challenges and leaderboards will have many of the perfectionists out there coming back for more. Both modes work well and add replay value. Nom Nom Galaxy! supports four player competitive/cooperative online games and a two player co-op mode.

Nom Nom Galaxy! pulls together a number of genres and is an interesting but not fun filled experience. If you fancy something different which requires some thought then Nom Nom Galaxy! may be worth your time, for a lot of players they may find the earlier levels to boring to carry on with but then you will be missing out on the Nom Nom Galaxy! experience. Not quite a 3 Star Michelin Chef but more like one of those hippy cooks working in a cool café, there’s something to enjoy with Nom Nom Galaxy! but lacking too many things to grab the general public.

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