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Do you have a passion for underwater exploration? If you do then Depth Hunter 2 may be the game for you. The best way I can describe Depth Hunter 2 is to say it’s a soothing underwater deep sea exploration game. You will find yourself visiting three different locations filled with beautiful underwater worlds full of various species of fish and filled with treasures and mysteries. You will partake in Spearfishing and Underwater fishing covering over 25 missions. It’s time to get exploring.

The actual game itself is a pretty basic idea for a game. You will find your self diving with the use of a snorkel and flippers, deep not some beautifully Corel reefs. The game is split up into three different underwater worlds. Each world is absolutely beautiful. As you take your first dip into the calming world of Depth Hunter 2 you will immediately notice how good the graphics are. They are pretty breath-taking. You really feel like you are swimming in the ocean. The world is filled with lots of fish and other aquatic creatures and sunken ships. The sound effects also help to immerse you in this game. If it wasn’t for you not getting wet you could easily mistake yourself for being in the ocean. I could imagine playing this game with an Oculus Rift. That would be a pretty cool experience. For the controls you can use a game pad or keyboard and mouse. I chose to use the keyboard and mouse. The controls were very simple to get used to and I soon found myself swimming around and exploring.

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Depth Hunter 2 has some very basic gameplay. Each of the different locations have various missions to complete. The mission vary from hunting down and catching as many fish as you can in a set time to hunting down specific rare fish. You have a harpoon gun that you use to catch the fish. You also have various missions like one that involve searching for various treasures that you will find scattered around the reefs. You will find yourself spending ages trying to find them. There is a limit to the different type of missions you can have in this game. After all the main idea for the game is to try immerse you in a calming and detailed underwater world. If you dive into this game not expecting anymore than that then you will enjoy Depth Hunter 2.

As I have mentioned you are diving using a snorkel and flippers. You will need to return to the surface every now and again to replenish your oxygen. As you play you earn coins for successfully completing the various tasks that you have been Set. you can then spend these coins of things like better flippers to swim faster and other items like a better harpoon gun. I have to admit you will spend a lot of time at each of the three locations trying to complete the missions. This does get pretty boring. In fact to be honest after the initial wow factor, it soon gets pretty tedious and boring. Each location has pretty similar missions and you will find yourself repeating the same tasks all over again.

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There is not much more I can say about this game as it really is a basic game and very short. Depth hunter 2 is not a bad game, but it’s just pretty boring. It is a very calming game to play, and yes I did enjoy it for the first hour. However it wasn’t long until I found playing this game more of a chore than enjoyable. I am not sure exactly what they could do to mix things up and add more enjoyment to the game.

To be fair I think this game does what I expected. Would I recommend rushing out and buying it? Probably not. I don’t think it’s worth it until you can maybe pick it up in a sale. This may be one to save your hard earned cash on.

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