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The original Trials Fusion has had a fair few upgrades in the time it’s been out. It’s received numerous DLC packs and now has been given the ability to ride a fire-breathing unicorn as a cat wielding a gun, sounds crazy right? That’s because it is! I will say right from the start that Trials Fusion does not take itself seriously at all, which is great because it gives the vibe that anyone can just get straight into it. For those who have played the original Trial Fusion you know exactly what you are going to get here.

Trials Fusion The Awesome MAX Edition is basically the base game with The Season Pass featuring 6 DLC’s Riders of the Rustlands, Empire of the Sky, Welcome to the Abyss, Fire in the Deep, Fault One Zero and After The Incident plus The Awesome Level Max which includes 30 all-new tracks, 10 Supercross tracks, 5 new garage items, Unicorn bike & cat rider, 5 rider & bike customizations and Dozens of new Editor objects.

Trials Fusion The Awesome MAX Edition puts you through your paces. Judging jumps and when to lean forward or not to lean forward is key here. It’s very much like a traditional dirt bike game with added silliness and hey, that’s ok. You Ride through courses trying to get the best rating and beat your friends high scores, although I very much doubt will do courses first time without many mistakes but the game doesn’t really punish you for them, it just sets you back to the last checkpoint and even gives you the option of going back to the checkpoint at any time by the press of a button. Practice makes perfect here.

In order to obtain the new said DLC you have to make your way through the career mode working your way through all the training courses. In order to do that you have to obtain medals and do levels. I do understand why they went with this approach as the later levels are pretty hard-core. The difficulty can sometimes catch you by surprise. I often found myself really struggling with a medium classed level. Wiping me out more times than I could count but the game tells you anyway how many times you’ve restarted from the checkpoint.

It’s a little disappointing that the new DLC only gives you 8 trials to do as a Unicorn. They are over pretty quick with each level lasting an average of 3 minutes (depending on how much you fail) and you can’t really use the unicorn anywhere else so it’s like a onetime deal really, which is a shame as it’s a cool concept which the original levels could have benefited from. The Unicorns controls could be better too. I often found the controls to be a little on the sensitive side and the fact the unicorn doesn’t really give out any emotions when your falling to your death kind of spoils the experience it’s just static in the air, however the cat screaming is actually hilarious and adds to whole atmosphere of what’s happening and mental it is.

A really strong point about Trials Fusion The Awesome MAX Edition is how much you can customize everything. Riders can change from male to female change clothes you can even change the colour and wheels on your bike. Rayman a mascot for Ubisoft makes a surprise appearance too its nice when companies cater to fandom like this I mean you can even play as evil Knievel (dashing hero costume). The community is a huge part of the game too with custom-made levels available to the public to download and try out. You’re bound to find something that’s really fun there are absolutely tons of levels and new ones are being added every single day.

If you find that some of your friends do have the game you will see their run as an icon as you race through the trial so you know how you’re doing in real-time compared to them. I really liked this feature and it was great to see how my friends did compared to me and what I had to do to beat them. I often found they fell at the same point as me so if I didn’t fall I beat them it’s just nice to know where they went wrong.

The level design of not just the new DLC but the original trials and tracks is really unique too. Levels have you been flipped, spun and thrown across tracks as you try your best to balance yourself for the perfect landing. The star of the content for me though is the red lynx vs all-stars track pack. These feature levels created by the community and levels created by the creators. Some of the tracks are just unbelievable, there is the odd bad one but this was definitely the thing that defines this game for me, it was brilliant fun. I actually found it made me a better player too.

As I said before the difficulty of the game seems to be a bit of a mess. Some tracks state they are hard but I found them easier than medium ones I know this is a matter of opinion though but personally I found some levels difficulty to be misleading. However the new levels are as creative as you’re ever going to see they are most definitely worth a play through. Riding through twisters been catapulted across levels is just some of the craziness you will endure. It will take you a long time to Gold every single track in this game so there’s a lot of playability here too.

The track creator is easy to navigate and quick to use too. Although to make a true masterpiece, of course you have to spend some time with it and learn how it all works. A simple track can be made in a matter of minutes though.

Trials fusion has always been punishing for its hard difficulty level and The Awesome MAX Edition DLC adds to that. I highly recommend this game. It’s creative, its unique and most of all, it’s absolutely hilarious. It’s a game pretty much anyone can pick up and enjoy, be it a hard-core Trials fan or just someone who’s into the wacky and crazy sport of riding a fire-breathing Unicorn as A Gun wielding Cat.

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