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Are you prepared to be De-Rezzed? Are you a fan of the Tron movies? If you are then you may well enjoy Tron Run/r. This game has been bought to us by the developers Sanzaru Games. With their most well-known game being the Sly Cooper series. The game is licensed by Disney. So with such a big license, owned by one of the biggest and well-known companies around, how well has Sanzaru Games done with creating a game based on the well-known franchise of Tron. I am a huge fan of the Tron movies, so I was very excited when I heard about this game. I was very fast to download the game when it became available.

So, let’s see; What would you expect and like from a Tron game? My dream game based on the world of Tron would include Light Cycle multiplayer, that Disc throwing event and all the other events we have seen in the films. I did not know much at all about Tron Run/r and was hoping for my Dreams to come true. Well unfortunately this game doesn’t really seem to have any of what I was hoping for.

This game is a runner game. If you have ever played the mobile game Temple Run, then you will start to get an idea of what Tron Run/r is all about. The game is split into two events. You have both a Light Cycle event and a Disk Throwing event. Each event lets you home in on that skill and compete with the 32 included levels. However, I am reviewing the deluxe version here. The deluxe version gives you 18 additional levels, 3 new suits, 6 new light cycles and it also includes the massive ‘Outlands’ pack that again adds even more levels. The Deluxe gives you a lot more for your money, and is something worth considering. It adds many hours of enjoyment. You also have three different game worlds to play through. These are Tron City, where you must battle your way to the escape portal. Then there is Whiteout, which is a time trial mode, and Finally you have Stream where you must survive as long as possible in a random shuffle of levels.

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So let me try and explain as best as I can what Tron Runner/r feels like and what each event involves. The first thing you will notice are the gorgeous graphics. The game looks and feels just like the Tron films. You have lots of lovely colourful and vibrant graphics. Sanzaru Games have done a great job at recreating the Tron world as we know it. In each event you will build and combine a combination of cycles, suits and power-ups that you unlock as you play. You can then challenge your friends and see how long you can survive, as you see who can last the longest. In both the Disc and Light Cycle events, your camera angle is set to a third-person point of view.

In the Disc event you basically have to run forwards to avoid walls, slide and make jumps at the right time and throwing discs at walls to break them. By doing this you often find hidden goodies. It gets harder and harder with each level. As you progress it really does become very challenging and you will find yourself fighting to make that level. You have to try and collect as much of the in-game currency as you can in each level. These are called ‘Bits’. You will then use these Bits to unlock and create your chosen combination to help you beat the game. In the Light Cycle mode, you find yourself on a race track, again with walls popping out in front of you, and this time you have gates to ride through. This was my favourite event. You will need to master the power slide to get round those corners and collect those Bits. This is quite good fun. You have a timer counting down and as you successfully navigate through each gate, you get more time added to your timer. All this time trying your hardest not to run into a wall.

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So how has this game made me feel? Especially being such a huge fan. I have to admit my first impression was not that good. I was hoping for a great single player story mode, all based within the world of Tron. I was also hoping for a great multiplayer mode where we get to ride around on our light cycles trying to destroy each other., and also get to throw Discs at each other. Sadly, this game doesn’t have a story or any of the traditional events either. It really is just another runner game. All that being said I did start to enjoy it the more I played. You will find yourself becoming quite addicted while you try and survive the levels. It is quite satisfying as you progress through all the levels. Unfortunately, I could not try to beat a friend’s tine, as none of my friends own the game. I am sure this would have added some enjoyment though.

Let’s round things of shall we. The main question as always will be, should you run out and buy this budget title? I would say yes, if you are a fan of the Tron universe and are not expecting any kind of story. If you are looking for those things though, I would say no. This really is your bog standard Runner game. Something I would expect more from a mobile game and not a full-blown title. I did have a fair bit of enjoyment with Tron Runner/r, but I still do feel quite a bit let down, as I was looking forward to the proper events as we see in the films. I can only dream that one day my wish will come true. Maybe, just maybe this is in development. This game was good, but I was left disappointed. I would also recommend you go for the Deluxe pack as it does give you a loads more hours of enjoyment.

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