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I’ve played a decent range of VR games so far, from Until Dawn: Rush of Blood to Driveclub VR; Windlands to RIGS. But nothing was quite the same as Battlezone. The mix of gameplay style and the TRON looking setting was a welcomed unique change which is great to see on a game accessory so new. I know there aren’t many games, but I was impressed at how unique it was and didn’t fall into any style of game I’ve played before. It would be an easier job to be a unique game on the PSVR, but this game is unique even for the PS4 games in general.

In Battlezone you take control of a tank and are tasked with shooting enemy tanks and other various vehicles down. There is the classic story of you having to stop an oncoming force, but this game to me seemed more gameplay focused rather than having a gripping story. You are expected to move and aim, which in VR can be difficult. Seeing as you are always on the ground, because you’re a tank, it is harder to get motion sickness unless you play for an extended period. But as for extended play sessions go, Battlezone is a lot more tolerable than Driveclub or RIGS.


The story mode makes you travel through a large set of hexagons, each hexagon being a different level. For old game show fans, it looks like the board from Blockbusters but longer. You can choose the difficulty and the size of your board, so you can make it as challenging or as lengthy as you like. There is also a motivation to play through the game multiple times as it’s enjoyable and there are different ways to reach the end hexagon; again, like in Blockbusters.

There is also the option to play online and offline, there is no difference to the campaigns apart from the fact of you’ll have some help. For those new to the game you can start a new journey and have people join you to lend a hand. But for the experienced Battlezone masters, you can join a game randomly and offer your skills to young learners. The harder levels will obviously take a bit longer as there are more enemies to kill, but Battlezone is still one of those games that you can jump into at any time you please when you have a spare moment.


The interface in the tank is pretty damn cool, it really helps with the immersion as the radar and other widgets are all inside the tank for you to look at; it’s sort of like being in a spaceship, in the sense of how cool it would be. For normal game players the Battlezone may seem rather bland, but when you are actually in this VR experience the game gets infinitely better. There is also multiplayer co-op which makes this even more fun.

Before this game I had never been aware of Battlezone, but the futuristic art style and the entertaining gameplay make Battlezone for the PSVR one of the best experiences on the market at the moment. There are no problems with the graphics and few problems with motion sickness. You can play this game as many times as you like (within reason) without it being repetitive, and even play with friends! I’d say this is a good buy for anyone with a PSVR and patience.


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