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I am not one to shy away from a challenge so when I was asked to review a recent PSVR release called KISMET I accepted, not knowing anything about the game I loaded it up, slipped on the VR headset and pressed start, I very soon realised this was going to be a challenging review to write as it’s not really a game, it’s not really a VR experience it’s just…. KISMET?

First off if fortune telling, card readings or horoscopes are your thing and you own PSVR then I can recommend this whole heartedly especially at the bargain price of £5.79, even if you casually or unconsciously read your daily horoscopes in the papers then I can recommend it (just for the fun of course) as one of the three modes on offer in KISMET and in my opinion probably the best one are the horoscope readings, these are updated on a daily basis using the current positions of the moon, stars and the rest of the solar system to tell you your future!!, it’s only a bit of fun really and not to be taken too seriously but the star (sorry for the pun) of this particular option is the scenery which is just beautiful rendered in VR and you find yourself just admiring its visual treats and completely ignoring what mystic Meg is relaying to you about your next 24hours.


The second option on offer is the tarot card reading which simply involves you picking three cards from the past, present and future using the dualshock4, no motion controller options seems a missed opportunity, your choices and there meanings are then clearly explained to you in some detail, this is quite interesting for a few play thru’ s but then you start to notice some duplicated dialogue and you realise it’s just going through the scripted scenarios and you once again start paying more attention to your highly detailed surroundings.

The last mode in the package is a basic board game of sorts, you are asked to roll objects which represent dice and you simply have to get all three of your pieces from the start to the finish without landing on a space already occupied by one of mystic Meg’s pieces, if you happen to land on hers  then your piece goes back to the start, the winner being the one who gets all three of their pieces to the finish, but unfortunately like the other two game modes here boredom soon sets and the desert environment you are playing in during this mode becomes more interesting to watch.


As a VR title its very nice looking and cheap but to be honest I am finding this very hard to recommend to the everyday gamer like myself, even at its very low price and the beautiful looking VR environments it just doesn’t have any longevity or replay value once you have experienced all of its simple mystic offerings a few times, it might be a bit of fun at a party after a few glass of wine but that’s it.

VR is wide open for new and different experiences that simply can’t be achieved using normal gaming avenues and its potential over the next few years in my personal opinion will change the way we play games for ever and I suppose KISMET could be classed as an early VR experiment but unless you really follow any of the mystical options offered in KISMET or have a spare few quid and want to increase your PSVR folder then I would save your money.

Rating 5

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