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There are lots of sports that have been turned into games over the years whether it was the football and the FIFA series or cricket and Brian Lara Cricket. You see some sports are easier to transfer over, maybe that’s why you don’t get many Netball games being made. Then again there is what makes a sport what it is, why is a hobby enjoyable? What aspects of the sport can be translated to a console? For example, fishing is a popular sport/hobby, not an Olympic sport yet. It’s a sport you generally can’t do indoors so part of the hook (yes the puns maybe beginning) is the great outdoors. Lets see if Euro Fishing is the one to keep you inside rather than outside.

Euro Fishing has five modes which include Academy, Freedom Fishing, Tournament, Challenges and Multiplayer. Euro Fishing lets you design your own character and as you progress through each mode you gain experience which then in turn lets you buy additional equipment that will hopefully help you become the best fisherman that you can. You’re able to walk around the five venues on offer such as St Johns Lake and Digger Lakes. As you get better you’ll be able to fish for ‘Boss’ fish. There are a variety of fish available to catch like Bream, Tench, Roach and Carp.

In Academy you discover what is required to become a master angler. You are guided through the core elements of fishing such as casting your rod and reeling it in. There are two methods of casting, the ‘total’ casting is more complex and frustrating to play with, once perfected you will be able to cast long and wide whilst the power assisted casting is much easier although you lose out on how far you can cast. You learn about line tension, baiting, stalking and using multiple rods. It’s one of the more slick simulation tutorials you would have come across and really sets the tone of Euro Fishing.

Freedom Fishing is where you just fish away from the pressures of professional angling. Challenges is self explained, you take on a series of tasks to test your angling skills. Tournaments has you compete against AI anglers in a series of solo tournaments with different scenarios and objectives. Live Tournaments are online competitions that are available for a limited time as you compete against other anglers to reach the top of the rankings. Multiplayer can be played with friends or the general public and is just an extension of what you have already played as a solo angler.

Euro Fishing graphically is well presented, the different environments look beautiful and you can feel the tranquility that is fishing in real life. Sound wise Euro Fishing was very immersive, the simple sounds of wind blowing through the trees and currents passing by give a sense of relaxation. There were a few issues with the camera in regards to when you caught a fish. When you started to reel it in the camera became a little iffy as it would zoom in and out at times making the reeling in part of Euro Fishing more cumbersome that it should. Bear in mind your multitasking between reeling in the fish and setting the right tension, an unhelpful camera angle does not making things easier. Whilst the environments are beautifully rendered it can feel a little cold but i guess when your fishing this is something you would experience.

Euro Fishing is a decent rendition of fishing, there’s a lot to enjoy here as a simulation and if you love fishing then you will surely get a lot out of playing this game. With a few more lakes and modes then Euro Fishing could have been an even more engaging experience but as it is Euro Fishing is definitely angling for a play.

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  • Gameplay - /10
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  • Replay Value - /10
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