Author: Alex Smith


Sorry, James Review

Nestor Yavorskyy's indie puzzler Sorry, James lets you discover the game and its mechanics for yourself, but is ultimately flawed by intentional technical difficulties.

Concept Destruction Review

Concept Destructions attempt at reviving the demolition derby genre is scuppered by tiresome gameplay and difficult to control cars. Ultimately a big car crash.

Tennis Club Story Review

Kairosoft's latetst disappointing Switch port in management sim Tennis Club Story, which fails to translate the excitement of the tennis court to the screen.

Moons of Madness Review

Lovecraftian adventure game Moons of Madness creates an enticing game on the surface of Mars, but the story is too complex to keep up with.

Mekorama Review

3D puzzle platformer Mekorama sticks close to its mobile roots on its console remaster, ensuring it remains an entertaining and challenging play.

Save Koch Review

Puzzling simulation game Save Koch ramps up the pressure on a beseiged mafia godfather whose life is at risk, but ultimately leaves you isolated and confused.