Author: Daniel Waite


Nicole Review

Nicole has started her new life at Uni. She wants; fun, excitement, and romance. She finds all this and more in this Visual Novel with a twist.

Neversong Review

A dark and disturbing journey of realisation. Can Peet save his beloved from Dr. Smile? A platform puzzle title, which touches upon serious and taboo subjects.

Swim Out Review

Swimming is relaxing, that is until you dip your toe into the water of Swim Out. A nostalgia infused puzzle game that transports you to a British summer.

Steam Tactics Review

Lies and deceit are the glue that holds this story together. Expand your fleet, and take on the true enemy in this dog influenced turn-based strategy game.

Ooblets Review

A colourful adventure awaits you in this new world that you now call home. Grow your Ooblet, claim your farm and help the villagers to make some new friends.

Creaks Review

When a mystery door reveals itself to you, do you ignore it, or grab your torch and go exploring? Do the latter and discover the eerie subterranean world of the Avian and the Creaks.

Jisei: The First Case HD Review

When all you want is a coffee, how can someone be selfish enough to get murdered in the bathroom? Your quiet day is ruined, and everyone is a suspect in this classic murder mystery.