Author: Daniel Waite


Georifters Review

Manipulate the world around you, and come together with the residents of another realm. You must join forces to investigate the unstable rift, and fight for the greater good.

Awesome Pea 2 Review

Life is dangerous for a pea, you are grown, picked, and eaten. If that wasn't bad enough, you decide to hunt for treasure in a dungeon full of traps and monsters, when you only have one life to your name.

Maneater Review

Life as a young orphan can be difficult. Evolve and become the apex predator you are destined to be. Scaly Pete and the other hunters won't know what has hit them in this shARkPG.

Dog Duty Preview

Can you overcome the Evil Octopus Army? Of course you can! Put together your crew, and take them down one step at a time.