Author: Daniel Waite



WARTILE is a Nordic themed "Cool-down" strategy game that will have you coming back for more. Will you be able to lead your people, and honour the memory of your late father?

Hayfever Review

When Dark Souls mingles with an allergy ridden 2D platformer you get Hayfever. Will you be able to beat the difficulty curve and collect all of the mail?

Pikuniku Review

A zany and fun puzzle adventure that has you investigating Mr Sunshine and his oddly generous company Sunshine Inc.

Drug Dealer Simulator Review

A Beta demo that allows you to taste the low life of the world of drug dealing. Stay on the right side of the Cartel and the police and you can build the drug empire of your dreams.

Jalopy Review

A heartwarming story of an old man's journey to his homeland. It would be perfect if it wasn't for the game destroying bugs. With some time and TLC this title could reach its full potential.

House Flipper Review

You finally have that chance to be the property developer you have always dreamed of. Pick up that controller and turn that hovel into a home.

60 Seconds! Review

A Cold War era apocalypse survival game that has a dark and humorous twist. How you survive is up to you! Can you survive an atomic bomb? You have 60 Seconds to prepare, so what are you waiting for?

Firewatch Review

A well-paced and compelling story. This walking simulator has an exceptional script and brilliant voice acting that will likely have you completing this in one sitting.