Author: Davide Roriz


Panzer Corps 2 Review

Panzer Corps 2 is a turn-based tactical wargame which should be no stranger to fans of the genre, and although this sequel might not reinvent the wheel, what it does it does well.

Broken Lines Review

Broken Lines offers a carefully crafted single-player campaign that is designed to be played through multiple times and still feel fresh.

Kingdom Rush Origins Review

If all you want is more Kingdom Rush, or you just want your next Tower Defense fix, or if you just never tried a Tower Defense game before and want to give the genre a chance, it’s impossible to go wrong with Kingdom Rush Origins.

Foregone Preview

If you’ve played titles like Dead Cells, Bloodstained, or any other Metroidvania in the past, then Foregone will immediately make you feel right at home.

Taur Review

Taur feels fresh and provides an interesting approach to the Tower Defense genre, but after 8 hours or so, as you near the end of your campaign, things can start to feel dull and uninteresting, especially once you’ve seen all the different upgrades, units, and towers that your …