Author: Davide Roriz


Star Renegades Review

Despite its shortcomings, Star Renegades stands on its own as a testament to how to perfectly relate the gameplay loop of a game with its setting.

Crusader Kings III Review

Crusader Kings III is undoubtedly one of the most daunting, satisfying, and engaging strategy games that I’ve ever played, and it just really makes me wish that I had given this franchise a shot in earlier iterations.

Iron Harvest Review

If you enjoy real-time strategy games for the single-player experience that they can provide, then you should definitely pick up Iron Harvest whenever you get the chance.

Roboquest Preview

Roboquest is an extremely fast-paced FPS where not only your aim is essential, but also the way you move. If you’re into FPSes and roguelites, keep an eye out for Roboquest.

Windbound Review

Windbound is a survival game with a strong focus on crafting, environmental storytelling and exploration mostly through sailing.