Author: Elliott Osange

Wild Guns Reloaded Review

Wild Guns Reloaded is a smashing remaster of the 16 bit classic, now with better performance, more characters, and all of the old thrill of this shooting gallery experience.

Skee-Ball Review

A lack of motion controls combined with obfuscated multiplayer makes this Skee-Ball experience a chore instead of the delight it easily could have been.

Zombillie Review

As replusive as the mascot is, Zombillie does bring a bit of newfangled ideology to the Snake puzzle formula, and it can definitely get the right player totally hooked.

The Way Remastered Review

The Way Remastered is the definitive edition of this breathtaking and heartbreaking tale, exclusive for the Switch, and it looks, feels and plays much better than the earlier iteration.

DragoDino Review

Despite some good roguelike qualities, DragoDino suffers from extreme difficulty and terrible optimization on the Switch.

Gal*Gun 2 Review

Gal*Gun 2 comes onto the Switch, guns blazing, as this ecchi shooter proves that fun, sexuality and ridiculous supernatural possession don't need to be segregated, but work together in amazing harmony.

Double Kick Heroes Review

Headbang Club makes an amazing debut with Double Kick Heroes, a heavy metal rhythm game that's shaping up to be one of the most unique titles of 2018.
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