Author: Elliott Osange


Risk of Rain 2 Review

With a massive update on the horizon, Risk of Rain 2 embraces console players to come join in the excitement and misery of the ever-increasing madness.

Naught Review

Spellbinding and frustrating, Naught is a sight to behold, and players able to wrap their heads around the controls are in for a fascinating expedition.

Kingdom Rush Review

It was a simpler time, the time of early 2010s mobile gaming. The bubble had mostly burst in terms of turning a fast buck on the App Store or the Play Store: some people were finding purchase with Amazon’s storefront, but it was going slow and coins were …

Crysis Remastered Review

One of the most memorable shooters from the last decade arrives on the Switch, showing no signs of aging or wear, and ready to captivate a whole new generation.