Author: Elliott Osange


Kingdom Hearts III Review

The final installment to this leg of Kingdom Hearts rewards long-time fans, bewilders newcomers, and affirms that video games and Disney are a fantastic recipe.

Paladin Review

This neon shooter does an outstanding job of keeping tensions high, the action fast and the rewards for well contained rage quite worthwhile.

IHUGU Review

Repetitive and incredibly simple, IHUGU may be appealing to those sick of the dramatically violent games, but may be boring beyond words for some.

Rampage Knights Review

It certainly isn't the prettiest game out, but Rampage Knights does roguelite brawlers right, and offers players a real chance to find addicting action within.

FutureGrind Review

FutureGrind is unforgiving, split second and absolutely frustrating to master, but, my God, how beautiful it is to land the damn stunt.

Fight of Gods Review

Controversial characters aside, Fight of Gods is a mediocre fighting game that might have done better with some more generic fighter choices.
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