Author: Elliott Osange

Celeste Review

Don't be scared, you're not alone: the mountain is real and a metaphor, and you will find a way to prove to yourself that you can do it.

ChromaGun Review

Colorful, clever and creative, ChromaGun does a solid job of delivering a full spectrum puzzle experience.

Tachyon Project Review

When you give your software sentience and then set it out to seek answers, it's going to bring back questions that you'd rather not answer.

Qbik Review

Despite being square and rigid, this is one game and concept that's positively easy to swallow.

Heart & Slash Review

BadLand knocks it out of the park with this intriguing, endearing and enduring roguelike that lets me beat robots to bits with a bat.

Shu Review

To save our home, sometimes it is not about the fight that we bring, but the lives we save, and how to stay alive for a better future for all.
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