Author: Jade

Phantom Trigger Review

Who are you? The Creator, Stan? Inquisitive Ant? Violent Lil Bull? Or... perhaps the better question is: why is this happening to you?

Dungeon Rushers Review

This game should be called Dungeon Grinders, not Dungeon Rushers, because 99.8 percent of your time will be spent slowly gaining materials and exp in repetitive, linear dungeons--and that isn't the least bit fun.

Monster Hunter World Review

This game isn't for everyone and I can't stress that enough. It's repetitive and it's sometimes punishing, but if you're the patient sort it can also be very rewarding If you're a hunter, you'll know it early on, but the same goes for if you aren't one.

Reverie Review

Kia ora! Restore order to the once peaceful Taromi Island by quelling the restless spirits that haunt it.
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