Author: Jade

The Spectrum Retreat Review

Swap colours to puzzle out the how and the why of your presence in the Penrose Hotel--as well as figure out who you are.

Metal Max Xeno Review

Your mission--your personal vendetta, really--is to destroy the monsters who destroyed your world. May the tank be with you.

Element Review

A simplistic strategy game that has you warring for control of resources against a ruthless AI.

Red’s Kingdom Review

Hide your nuts, hide your pappy! This puzzling RPG takes you up against the might of a tyrant king.

The Wardrobe Review

This bite-sized point and click adventure loses its meaningful message amidst a sea of pop culture references and humour.

Castaway Paradise Review

Castaway Paradise might not be Animal Crossing come to PS4, but it's still entertaining and rife with charm.
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