Author: Dawn


Grimshade Review

Clunky and painfully slow, Grimshade has no business being on a handheld device with such cluttered UIs and tiny text.

Dungeon of The Endless Review

Though Dungeon of the Endless is a solid single player tower defense game, one has to wonder: what happened to co-op during its port from PC to console?

Sakura Wars Review

Part action JRPG, part dating sim, and part Japanese drama, the majority of Sakura Wars is textual exchanges between characters--with just a dash of fast-paced mech combat.

Guard Duty Review

Guard Duty can be completed in an evening if you're dedicated, but it's a fun way to spend those hours.

PINE Review

A decent-looking single player exploration title with some gathering and crafting, and the annoyance of being utterly powerless in combat due to balance issues.