Author: Justin McKay


Invisible Fist Review

High five, fist bump or a wave goodbye? The Invisible Fist and capitalism isn't usually a subject covered on the Switch, but, here we are...

Sir Eatsalot Review

Leading the way for all overweight adventurers, Sir Eatsalot is a charming adventure, letdown by the touchscreen and slow pace (no doubt from his conditioning).

Roombo: First Blood Review

A sadistic Wall-E like vacuum cleaner that doesn't suck. Not because it's faulty, but it's the kind of device you can rely on. It's just a shame that it's so short.

JDM Racing Review

One for the Japanese sports car fan of yesteryear, JDM Racing offers some good base models and handling, but is it any good?

Little Racer Review

Little Racer had the potential to be a fun little racer, but in reality, was a little too frustrating to play. Maybe stick to the Scalextric for now.

Mad Bullets Review

There's no time for beans and redemption. Pick up your six-shooter and blast away those desperado's the best you can with your joy-con.