Author: Lewis Baglow

Octopath Traveler Review

The masters of role-playing, Square Enix, raise the bar again with another must-own title, this time, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Mushroom Wars 2 Review

An easily accessible, real-time strategy game that offers a decent amount of content and exciting multiplayer, but ultimately grows a bit stale with its single-player offerings.

VSR: Void Space Racing Review

A challenging space-based racer that provides good, casual fun with its physics of inertia. Although a little light on options, this is a game that is far from being a void purchase.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Review

Another port of a Wii U title for the Nintendo Switch, but the added content of Odyssey-inspired levels, refined controls and a new multiplayer element makes this a treasure of a game.

Bomber Crew Review

Bomber Crew bounces its bombs onto the Nintendo Switch; offering a superb strategy sim that'll take you to the dizzying heights of greatness.

de Blob Review

It's time for Switch owners to go out and paint the town red...or yellow...or green...or blue!

Squids Odyssey Review

A unique tactical, role playing game with turn-based combat and stat enhancing headwear, yet one that can't swim away from a couple of flaws and repetition in its gameplay.
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