Author: Lori May


Fans of the genre might find enough in this Indie experience to merit its addition to their library, but unless you’re a die-hard fan of these elements I suggest looking for a more complete, polished Rogue-lite package.

SOS Early Access Review

A look at SOS, an online competitive Multiplayer game with Co-Op elements that puts players into a Reality TV Show inspired deathmatch.

Distortions Review

A look at Distortions, a surreal Adventure game with strong musical elements, fantastic monsters, and questionable camera angle choices.

Ninja Tycoon Review

A look at Ninja Tycoon, a Simulation/Management game that focuses on the development of a small village complete with hired ninjas.

The Chronicles of Nyanya Review

A look at The Chronicles of Nyanya, an adorable, surprisingly endearing jRPG featuring a cast of feline characters and plenty of quality chaos to enjoy.
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