Author: Matia


For The People Review

One for the fans of political management and strategy sims. Presented in an unusual and unique way, its a fresh take on a controversial topic.

GolfTopia Review

Golftopia is the perfect game for people into SimGolf as well as people who are new to management Sim/tycoon games.

Bigfoot Review

Bigfoot has a lot of potential, but it sadly needs a lot of work to be the definitive survival horror multiplayer experience.

Pirates Outlaws Review

Pirates Outlaws has become my new favorite from the genre mix of CCG and roguelite because of it’s fast pace and entertaining gameplay.

Drug Dealer Simulator Review

Drug Dealer Simulator explores uncharted territories as far as video games go. It may not be a hardcore simulation game, but it’s a solid experience nonetheless.

Neversong Review

Neversong is an amazing indie game that’s for sure worth a shot, especially if you’re into games that resemble Zelda or metroidvanias like Hollow Knight.

Secret Neighbor Review

A great asymmetrical horror game with quite an interesting twist that makes the core gameplay feel fresh enough to play for hours on end.