Author: Noparg


Party Hard 2 Review

The game featured an amazing soundtrack and pretty good pixel art graphics besides good mechanics and an enticing gameplay loop. Back in 2018, a sequel was released, bringing to the table more from the same team.

Gurgamoth Review

Gurgamoth is a small indie party game which offers quick matches for up to 4 players in a free-for-all style. 

Deck of Ashes Review

Deck of Ashes is a pretty solid game with interesting mechanics and qualities, though it could be improved on. Despite this it is a recommendable and enjoyable experience for any fan of deck-building games.

Heroine Anthem Zero -Sacrifice- Review

Heroine Anthem Zero -Sacrifice- is a game with many many flaws with only its art, soundtrack and some parts of the story as redeeming qualities, despite this, its cheap price allows it to remain as a possible buy on sales.