Category: Switch Reviews

Flinthook Review

Yarrr! Board ships, find relics, die (again and again and again), and slay bounties in this swashbuckling roguelike adventure based around mobility and choosing the right Perks for the job.


This new version of Earthlock, for the Nintendo Switch, has seen a complete overhaul with a massively changed and improved story, side quests added and optimised performance and cut-scenes.


Perfect Hat's debut game for the Switch is a wacky, creative-puzzler that'll certainly make you go insane in the membrane, but in a good and satisfying way!

Bit Dungeon Plus Review

Bit Dungeon Plus makes it clear that, in an ever growing sea of roguelites on the Switch, some of the best comes from great ideas that are polished to perfection.

Poisoft Thud Card Review

Thud is the noise this game makes when it drops into the center of your Switch and lies there, attracting little attention or interest from casual and dedicated players alike.
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