Category: Switch Reviews

Angels of Death Review

While players might be fooled by the graphics and engine, Angels of Death has all the makings of a lasting horror game that's sure to sit screaming in your mind long afterwards.

Squids Odyssey Review

A unique tactical, role playing game with turn-based combat and stat enhancing headwear, yet one that can't swim away from a couple of flaws and repetition in its gameplay.

LIMBO Review

Playdead's classic platformer breaks free from its limbo, as it brings it's dark and twisted tale to the Nintendo Switch.

Bomb Chicken Review

Nothing quite like being stuck on a stack of explosives from your own posterior to let you know when you really clucked up.

The Journey Down: Chapter Two Review

Bwano, Kito and Lina return in the second of their point-and-click adventures. Whilst still retaining its totally tropical taste, this journey down contains a much darker and seedier setting.
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